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December 03, 2009 23:00 ET

Couriers Warned To Be Wary Of Parking Fines

FLINT, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 3, 2009) - Leading courier insurance specialists Staveley Head are warning customers to be wary, following recent reports that local councils have made profits of Pounds Sterling 328million this year alone by enforcing parking fines. Couriers are a group, which is particularly at risk from this, due to the fact that they make a lot of brief stops during the day, where they are putting themselves at risk of receiving a ticket.

The amount raised from parking fines amounts to around 3 times the revenue which is collected from speeding fines and although figures are down by 16 per cent on 2008, there has been fierce criticism from those who have questioned the fairness of some of the fines issued. The figures, which were recently announced, have sparked accusations that many local authorities are using the parking tickets as a 'cash cow', despite Government guidelines stating that they should not abuse their jurisdiction for financial gain.

265 councils have the power to control parking fines in their area and there is a wide variation across the country in terms of the fees charged. Among the most expensive regions are unsurprisingly in west London. Here, Kensington and Chelsea council made an average of Pounds Sterling 85 a head in fines and neighbouring Westminster collected a staggering Pounds Sterling 41,869,000.

A spokesperson for Staveley Head commented:

"Many of our clients have been hit with parking tickets when they have stopped briefy to run an errand. In many cases, this is unavoidable and it is unfair of the councils not to offer some leniency in their rules. Undoubtedly, certain local authorities are guilty of abusing their control over these fines in order to generate as much revenue as possible."


"Our advice would be for motorists to observe parking signs carefully and to ensure that they are legally parked at all times, even if they are only leaving their vehicle unattended for a short period of time."

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