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July 17, 2012 11:00 ET

Course Hero and Bunchball Put the Earn in Learning

With Badges, Leaderboards, Social Sharing -- and High-Stakes Challenges That Culminate in Real-World Rewards -- Course Hero Makes Learning Cool Again

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 17, 2012) -

Core News Facts:

  • Course Hero is engaging college students in its online learning community by using game mechanics from Bunchball, the pioneer and market leader in gamification.
  • The learning tools start-up relies on Bunchball's Nitro gamification engine to motivate students to join, participate, contribute and share their successes.
  • Bunchball's technology is integrated throughout Course Hero's four core offerings: Courses, an extensive series of custom-designed lessons organized into three learning paths: Entrepreneurship, Business, and Web Programming; Flashcards, which allows students create digital flashcard sets, set up study programs and quiz themselves; Tutors, which connects students with experts on hundreds of subjects; and Study Documents, a library of study guides, lecture notes and practice problems. 
  • Course Hero gamified its experience in anticipation of its April launch of Courses, which offers the learning community's richest gamification experience.
    • Students earn progressively advanced badges and points as they complete chapters and courses in each of the learning paths. (Students who complete chapter 6 of Intro to Entrepreneurship earn a "Super Hero" badge.)
    • To keep learners motivated to pass five courses and complete a full "Path," Course Hero sets them on a challenge that offers exciting real-world rewards: graduates of the Entrepreneurship Path are eligible to enter a quarterly business plan competition and compete for a pitch meeting with premier Silicon Valley angel investment firm, SV Angel, and a $5,000 grand prize awarded by Course Hero. Graduates of the Business and Web Programming Paths are invited to submit their resume to apply for a job at Course Hero.
  • Course Hero also rewards participation throughout its online experience.
    • Students earn recognition, in the form of badges, points and levels, from the moment they register at
    • When students contribute 10 documents to the site's learning tool library, they receive a surfer-themed "Hang 10" badge and Course Hero donates a book to Books for Africa via its Course Hero Knowledge Drive, which to date has given more than 46,000 books to African children. Each book donation milestone warrants a "BFA" badge, commemorating that user's contribution to the non-profit. A "50 Cent" badge emblazoned with a rapper-approved baseball cap goes to students who upload 50 documents. 
    • The site reinforces strong study habits by rewarding students who log in three days in a row, who use the site over the weekend, who frequently submit questions to tutors, and who contribute documents to multiple courses. A leaderboard keeps an always-current tally of the top 20 participants.
    • Members can post their latest badges to promote their success with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Implementing Bunchball's Nitro technology was fast and easy. Bunchball's intuitive interface allows anyone to easily implement gamification -- no development skills required.


  • Two weeks after launching Courses, the company received 350 suggested edits to existing courses and 122 requests for new courses -- a strong signal that Course Hero's online community was fully engaged and was even seeking new ways to participate.
    • Another 68 people even offered to augment existing courses by creating their own course to be hosted on
  • Since the implementation of the Bunchball platform, time on site overall has increased by around 5 percent.
  • Courses were designed as a gamified experience from the ground up and encouraged user engagement. As a result, Courses users are the most engaged, with time on site for the Courses product nearly three times as long as time onsite for all of
  • Social sharing of achievements, which was launched in January, has increased nearly 400 percent in just the past three months. Social sharing serves as an indicator of the value members place on their progress -- and offers a cost-effective and powerful way for Course Hero to leverage the excitement of its members to virally market its brand.


Attributable to Andrew Grauer, CEO, Course Hero
"Course Hero is devoted to creating lifelong learners by proving that learning can be positive and fun. Bunchball's easy-to-use gamification engine has gone a long way to help us create that experience for our members by making them feel they're part of a dynamic learning community that celebrates their progress. With Bunchball, we're motivating learners to keep moving forward, to keep earning rewards and recognition, and to keep sharing their success with their friends. We deployed Nitro to build an engaged and motivated member community, and Nitro delivered."

Course Hero is an online platform providing educational resources to help students learn more effectively. Whether exploring new subjects or mastering key topics, Course Hero provides interested learners with the tools they need to achieve their goals. For more information, visit us at

Bunchball is the industry leader in gamification, a powerful approach to engaging users, motivating employees and increasing customer loyalty. Gamification works by integrating game mechanics into digital experiences in order to influence and motivate people. This helps drive a deeper, more compelling user experience, which leads to tangible business benefits, such as increased employee productivity, customer loyalty and revenues. Bunchball's cloud-based Nitro gamification technology is used by the world's leading companies to create experiences that combine intuitive game mechanics with compelling content. Bunchball's customers include Adobe, HP, Cisco, Warner Bros., Comcast, LiveOps, VMWare and Hasbro. Based in Silicon Valley, Bunchball's investors include Granite Ventures, Triangle Peak Partners, Northport Investments, and Correlation Ventures. For more information, visit Bunchball online at

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