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Covario, Inc.

February 02, 2011 11:00 ET

Covario Launches Next-Gen "Long Tail" SEO Management Solution

Latest Software Advance Improves Web Page Traffic Using Dynamic Algorithm to Optimize Web Pages

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - February 2, 2011) - Covario, Inc., one of the nation's largest independent providers of search marketing software solutions, today announced a breakthrough for large scale SEO (search engine optimization) programs, which generates dynamic content and inserts it into web pages by identifying specific words and phrases that consumers use to find information about products and services on the Internet.

The breakthrough centers around an upgrade to a patent-pending process that automatically mines search engines called AMP or Algorithmically Maximized Placement™, which is at the core of the Covario Organic Search Optimizer™ software solution.

With this latest upgrade, Covario can offer global marketers a process that monitors the search queries consumers enter into Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. The process analyzes these queries for patterns and then uses the findings to dynamically generate optimized web pages that rank high on the engines.

"Advertisers will be able to drive more sales lift for their products and services as a result of their web pages coming up more frequently in searches based on the actual words and phrases used by consumers," said Steve Beal, vice president for development at Covario. "And consumers will get relevant information faster than ever."

Beal said this new solution is the first of its kind to offer automated SEO on such a large scale, which should appeal to ecommerce companies with thousands of web pages to manage on a daily basis. In preliminary trials with existing Organic Search Optimizer retail clients, he said Covario has seen significant improvements in annualized SEO performance.

"We are changing the fundamental economies of large site SEO," Beal said. "Without automation or dedicated IT support, it's simply not feasible to optimize 90 percent of the pages on a website. Our new system leverages the voice of the customer -- as measured through their real time search queries -- to dynamically populate key SEO aspects of long-tail web pages and automate large scale SEO."

The system works by analyzing search query data and identifying the key search phrases consumers use to find under-optimized web pages. It then puts identified search phrases through an algorithm, ensuring that they adhere to SEO best practices for content and grammar. After this step, the system automatically inserts the optimized content into web page components known to drive SEO performance. And finally, the system periodically monitors the performance of web pages to continue to improve optimization.

This latest upgrade to AMP is consistent with Covario's overriding philosophy of Algorithmic SEO™, which revolves around the concept of using sophisticated algorithms and automation to drive efficiency, changing the fundamental dynamics of SEO. The result, when integrated into the Covario Organic Search Optimizer solution, is that marketers gain more control over their web environment because optimized content can be inserted automatically into their web pages.

More information about AMP and Organic Search Optimizer, including a recently published white paper on Algorithmic SEO, can be found on Covario's website at

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