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Covario, Inc.

February 02, 2011 09:00 ET

Covario Ups Audit Score Predictability for Assessing SEO Health Three-Fold

Patented System Now Places Greater Weight on Quality Link Analysis

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - February 2, 2011) - The newly available version 3.0 of the proprietary Covario SEO Audit Score™ system is nearly three times (3x) as accurate in predicting natural search rankings on the major search engines. This is due to recent changes to the system's weighting scheme, placing greater emphasis on quality link analysis relative to the other two factors in the overall score related to content and technical quality. 

Covario, Inc., one of the nation's largest independent providers of Software-as-a-Solution and cloud-based software solutions, originally developed the first version of the patented auditing system in 2005. It is a core component of the Covario Organic Search Insight™ SEO (search engine optimization) reporting and recommendations solution currently used by hundreds of marketers worldwide.

According to Craig Macdonald, Covario's senior vice president for products and its chief marketing officer, Covario conducted an extensive research and development effort to investigate how search engines currently react to both on-page and off-page factors related to link, content and technical quality. 

"Our proprietary data base of global web page information associated with millions of keywords provided a revealing view into the search engine algorithms and what quantitatively drives their search rankings," Macdonald said, noting that the purpose of the Covario SEO Audit Score is to provide a statistically accurate measure of the SEO health of brand or product websites based on how the global search engines measure relevancy.

Macdonald said there were three key findings that came out of Covario's investigation of millions of keywords globally, and how changes to web pages associated with those words affected search engine rankings.

First, "links are everything," he said, accounting for more than 50 percent of the variability in search engine rankings. "That said, it's about the quality, not quantity of links. We're advising our clients to focus on a few good links, rather than incenting their teams and agencies to just build, build, build."

Second, he said, "the content bar has been lifted." More advanced content management systems and mature content generation systems are driving ubiquity in content for high value keywords. Macdonald added that having a keyword in the URL has become so commonplace that its predictive nature has declined. 

Third, he said the technical issues that use to confound search engine crawlers have largely been overcome. Advertiser sophistication in allowing sites to be crawled -- using Adobe Flash™ or other methodologies -- has become standard operating procedure.

"Blending these three factors with a new weighting scheme is what has boosted the predictive strength of the Covario SEO Audit Score three-fold," Macdonald said.

The scoring system continues to consist of three 0-to-100 sub-scores, where 0 is "poorly optimized" and 100 is "well optimized," which are derived by statistical analysis for content relevance, SEO technical strength, and link quality. Although these components are the same as in the previous version of the audit scoring system, the weightings of the three scores have changed when combined in the latest upgrade. 

"Although it is more relevant, the impact of higher link weighting in the new system will drive scores down for many marketers," Macdonald said. "This is because quality links, especially those to shared link hubs, represent a larger percentage of the overall score than in the past, and digital marketing strategies tend to be lacking in this area."

Macdonald emphasized three points about version 3.0 of the Covario SEO Audit Score:

  • It is three times as predictive of changes in search rankings as the prior version, being most accurate for Google.
  • It works in all languages, in all countries, for the 12 different search engines supported by Organic Search Insight.
  • It is more effective in prioritizing the recommended actions advertisers should take to drive increased lift from their search programs.

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