September 10, 2012 09:00 ET

Coveo for Salesforce Launch Brings Contextually Relevant Insight From Anywhere Directly Within Salesforce User Interface

Breakthrough Application Acts as an All-Knowing Mentor, Recommending the Right Insight to the End User, Consolidating Information Regardless of Where It Resides -- in Social Media, the Cloud or Enterprise Systems -- Helping to Solve Cases Faster and Win More Sales

QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sep 10, 2012) -

  • Coveo today introduced Coveo for Salesforce, for the first time placing the power of a highly advanced, enterprise unified indexing engine in the hands of end users, through a limited, advance free trial offer activated by end users, in the cloud. With just a couple of clicks, end users and Salesforce administrators can start gaining the most relevant insight from diverse systems including Microsoft SharePoint, Twitter, Gmail, Websites, Microsoft Exchange, Lithium and more, directly within Salesforce. Additionally, Coveo for Salesforce brings together information from across the Salesforce infrastructure, including Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Knowledge.

  • Acting as a trusted, all-knowing mentor, Coveo for Salesforce recommends information about similar customers/prospects, similar cases and their resolutions, content such as email conversations, related community and social media discussions, the right sales and marketing tools for a particular account, and both internal and external experts who can help sell, and solve customer issues.

  • Deeply embedded in Salesforce and available across Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Coveo for Salesforce solves the pain of users leaving Salesforce to access information from multiple other systems, as well as seeking data from throughout the Salesforce infrastructure. Users define the 360-degree view they need to win deals and solve cases, as Coveo for Salesforce instantly assembles and presents the most relevant information based on the case or account in which the user is working.

  • Top features of Coveo for Salesforce include:
    • Real-time information from anywhere -- consolidated and correlated using advanced indexing and text analytics technologies on cloud, enterprise and social data securely and in real time, regardless of format or source.
    • Instantly assembled 360-degree views built directly into the Salesforce UI and views.
    • Virtual Timelines -- chronologies of all consolidated customer and prospect interactions, regarding opportunities, cases, transactions, emails, events, cases, calls, tweets and more.
    • The fast-draw Unified Index -- instantly indexes data from Salesforce, Twitter, SharePoint, Exchange, Lithium, Gmail and more. Additional enterprise systems may also be added via the Coveo Unified Indexing Platform, reaching farther into engineering systems, supply chain, databases, web and more.
    • Dynamic expertise finding, through their work and communication, from internal colleagues to external experts.
    • End-user provisioning for instant use and inviting others -- automatically creates the index and interface, and allows users to invite others for viral adoption.

Additional significant features include an intuitive admin interface enabling multiple workgroup configurations, the correlation of any objects and combinations of information, including custom fields; the automatic presentation of similar accounts, opportunities and cases by linking objects based on attributes and dimensions, from across the unified index; advanced user interface for power users to dive deeply into any dimension of the business, including real-time pipeline and trend data; and automatic correlation of cases and solutions using advanced data enrichment, pulling solutions from multiple sources, across enterprise, community and social content.


  • Louis Tetu, CEO, Coveo: "Our vision is to bring highly relevant information from anywhere, to any system, to help employees work smarter and faster, through better and more relevant insight. We are starting with Coveo for Salesforce and our early indications are that this undoubtedly is a game changer, keeping users within Salesforce and making the platform even more valuable for them. For years, CRM has promised the 360-degree view of a customer or case -- and yet systems continue to proliferate and fragments of that information exist in many of them, as well as in social media and online communities. Our advanced indexing technology makes bringing this data together instantly and securely a welcome reality for Salesforce users."

  • Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes Media: "Coveo's technology has the potential to fuel the next quantum advance in business productivity achieved by increasing the value that companies generate from their existing knowledge as well as related crowd-sourced knowledge."

  • Michael Maoz, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner: "There has been a disappointing lack of tools to deliver contextually relevant insights in a meaningful way to customer-facing employees in sales and customer service. CRM vendors talk about the 360-degree customer view, but the reality is that bits and pieces of that view are scattered across many systems, and more recently in social media and online communities. The opportunity and need is out there for an approach that delivers highly relevant, intelligent knowledge in real time, regardless of its location. Knowledge has to be delivered to the right person, using any device or channel, to enable companies to excel as never before in engaging the customer."

  • Paul Greenberg, Author, CRM at the Speed of Light: "Coveo for Salesforce is a smart move. I think that Coveo's ability to provide industrial strength information in a consumable way, the kind that leads to insights, meshes well with's social enterprise framework. The combination is a natural. Knowing Coveo, I have to assume that this is the first of several of this kind of intelligent integrations."

About Coveo
Coveo transforms users' and companies' ability to gain the right insight every time from overwhelming amounts of diverse, unstructured and structured data across all systems -- on-premise, in the cloud and in social channels. This enables more efficient customer service, increased sales, shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and increased profitability. Coveo's advanced, unified indexing technology securely connects with and crawls all systems to create a virtual integration layer, by federating and normalizing structured and unstructured information.

The Company's three lines of business bring relevant insight to CRM and Contact Centers for sales & service, WCMs for one-to-one marketing, and Enterprise Content for engineering and operations. Coveo role-based Insight Consoles™ provide advanced navigation into consolidated, correlated information mashups, within any application, including Coveo for Salesforce. Among Coveo's more than 400 customers are CA Technologies, YUM!Brands, GEICO and Boston Children's Hospital. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @coveo or like us on Facebook.

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