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October 27, 2015 09:23 ET

Cowspiracy Directors Launch World's First Virtual Reality Film Experience in a Theatrical Environment

Parallaxed, the VR Suspense Thriller Gives Audiences a 360 Degree Cinematic Experience via New App

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2015) - Independent filmmakers, Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, co-directors of Leonardo DiCaprio's executively produced film for Netflix, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, debuted their virtual reality short film Parallaxed to over 70 excited movie goers on October 15, 2015, in San Francisco. The event made the film the world's first theatrical group screening of a 360 degree virtual reality movie. Utilizing Two Bit Circus' sync technology, with Samsung Gear VR Oculus headsets, Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones and 5.1 surround sound, the audience was collectively immersed into the story-line of the suspenseful thriller, garnering a unique lifelike, interactive sensory experience. The film, produced by their new virtual reality production company, Premo VR, can be viewed via the Google Play Store app, Parallaxed - 360 VR Movie.

"As filmmakers, we are always looking to use technology to expand the way we visually tell stories," said Kip Andersen, Parallaxed Co-Director. "Today's audiences expect more, they want the ability to access a full-on immersive and interactive experience on-demand, at any place and during any moment. Our new app provides the perfect solution to enjoy VR no matter where the audience happens to be. We were also able to get rid of the traditionally isolating aspect of VR, enabling people to enjoy a VR environment together."

"This is a huge first for the world of VR cinema," said Keegan Kuhn, Parallaxed Co-Director and Cinematographer. "We are first to bring the 360 virtual reality experience directly to the hands of movie watchers who've been waiting for some sort of action to come from all the buzz around the capabilities of virtual reality video and movies."

The screening was organized by Premo VR, the production company Andresen and Kuhn founded to produce premium virtual reality content. Using groundbreaking sync technology developed Aaron Thomen of Two Bit Circus, allowed an unlimited number of Samsung S6 phones to be paired together to play Parallaxed in unison, made this ground breaking event possible. Audience members sat in swivel chairs, giving unlimited 360 degree access to the VR environment. The communal 5.1 surround sound allowed participants to hear the reactions of those around them.

"Parallaxed was the scariest VR movie I've ever experienced," said Ally Austere, of San Francisco. "I couldn't stop spinning my chair around to get the full 360 view."

"It was as close as you can get to a real experience, I had to close my eyes at times," said Ken Millman, of San Francisco. "The film along with the technology is going to revolutionize the way people produce and enjoy cinema. It was simply and horrifyingly amazing."

Parallaxed takes viewers into the psychologically stimulating world of Aurora, a young women who innocently accepts a pet sitting job, only to find herself navigating through a terrifyingly heart-racing journey. The Halloween inspired thriller with a suspenseful narrative allows the audience to take part in a riveting adventure. To bring the 360 virtual reality experience home via your Android device and Google Cardboard (optional), download the Parallaxed - 360 VR Movie app from the Google Play Store here,

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This app is NOT recommended for individuals with seizure disorders, heart conditions, physical or emotional trauma.

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