Calgary Parking Authority

Calgary Parking Authority

June 03, 2015 16:30 ET

CPA Brings Parking Enforcement Services In House

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 3, 2015) - Starting today, Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) Enforcement Services will be transitioned from a contracted service to an in-house operation allowing us to offer improved customer service to Calgarians.

Approximately 125 enforcement-related positions, that have traditionally been part of a contracted enforcement model, will be brought on as CPA employees. The move affects a variety of positions at the Municipal Impound Lot, as well as administrative staff, call takers and operational staff who respond to requests for assistance from the public or issue parking tickets.

"This realignment comes after a comprehensive review of how CPA delivers service to our customers and to the public," said Mike Derbyshire, CPA General Manager. "It will fundamentally alter our service delivery model and create a more unified approach to customer service by ensuring that all staff members know who they work for and what their priorities are."

Approximately 60% of the transitioned positions will become unionized and represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 38.

Currently, more than half of CPA staff members are contract employees and many them are the public face of CPA. This move will allow us to provide comprehensive customer service training to better serve the citizens of Calgary.

All positions will be posted externally and a phased recruitment and selection process will commence in the following days until December 31st, 2015 when all positions will have been transferred to the CPA.

The CPA currently employs 111 full- and part-time staff in finance, human resources, facilities and operations, enforcement, customer service, business development and information technology.

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The Calgary Parking Authority is a proud partner of The City of Calgary and is committed to managing publicly-owned on- and off-street parking facilities on The City's behalf. In addition, CPA manages the municipal parking enforcement program and provides parking advisory services.

Every dollar CPA collects that exceeds its operational costs is returned to The City of Calgary. Last year CPA returned $32M to the municipal general revenue program which funds projects such as recreation centres and pathways and provides funding for community services and public safety programs. The CPA operates without using any municipal tax revenues.

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