SOURCE: CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic

June 30, 2011 00:01 ET

CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic Wins a $97k Principal Reduction Settlement for Homeowner

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 30, 2011) - After several frustrating years of working with his lender on his own, then paying many thousands of dollars for loan modifications to secure affordable proposals only to receive the same response millions of people across America working with their lender on a voluntary basis receive every day, rejection after rejection, Mr. Moreno decided to take a more aggressive approach on the recommendation of a CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic Legal Case Evaluator he contacted through a consumer friendly web site,, which quickly picked up on several statements he made indicating severe violations to specific State and Federal Statutes that would allow an experienced Real Estate Contract Litigation Attorney to effectively challenge the enforceability of the entire loan contract.

CPAC offers eligible Consumers FREE legal loan modification assistance, permanent principal reduction program prequalification and lender fraud and violation analysis reports at no cost, as well as H.A.M.P. full approval simulator that allows you to view defects in your loan modification submission to minimize your lender's ability to rightfully blame you for not meeting guidelines. This H.A.M.P. simulator allows each would-be approved homeowner to view what your final approval would mean to you specifically, which is rarely provided by your lender and other less equipped Non Profit Organizations.

According to G. Lee Lane Esq., President and Managing Director of CPAC, "I believe one of the major differences a well prepared Lender Law Suit with merit performed by an experienced Mortgage Litigation Attorney versus just another voluntary loan modification request is that the loan modification request typically stays at the Servicer level. When we sue your lender we work to bring in the True Owner of your Note, if need be by court order. This leads to success in seeing that the decision maker is not only aware of your desire to retain your home but your ability to sustain it as well."

Superior Court Case # RG11570173 records show CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic represents Mr. Moreno in the Lender Law Suit against Specialized Portfolio Services and Suisse Bank, the true Note Holder as additional defendant. Lane adds, "Our Client will be accepting the Settlement offer obtaining a Principal Reduction of $97,000.00, almost 25% off his loan, down to what his home is worth today because it affords long term sustainability."

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