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June 21, 2011 00:01 ET

CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic Wins Criminal Defendant's Release From Custody

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 21, 2011) - According to Court records Charles Ton, Esq., Staff Counsel for CPAC (DE) Non Profit Law Clinic, took on a Criminal case on the 11th hour in Orange County Superior Criminal West Court Case # 11WM08598, after two Public Defenders and two District Attorneys failed to assure the young defendant's (Eric A.) older sister Cindy, that her brother would be believed as a true member of the community and allowed out without bail.

Charles Ton states: "We were real sensitive to the fact that Eric had first lost his Mom to cancer, then recently lost his adopted Mother in a brutal murder in Santa Ana, Ca. Eric's adopted Mom had been murdered just a few blocks away from where Eric's family had purchased their first home when they migrated here to the United States from Mexico. This young man was now facing a long hard stretch in custody unless his family can clam up a $40,000.00 bail that may as well have been set at $40 million."

According to the defendant's sister Cindy, "I knew CPAC was a Non Profit Law Clinic that was known to help struggling families fight bank fraud and lender abuse when no one else would stand up against large mortgage banking companies and get great results," she said. "I figured if they could get a bank to return a foreclosed house back to a homeowner when no one else was able to help, then it was worth a try. I 'Google' searched their number and dialed from court after the second public defender appeared uninterested in actually helping my brother. I couldn't stand to see my brother spend another day in jail. He's still in a real sensitive place. I was afraid what would happen to him physically, mentally and emotionally if he had to go away for that long."

Based on a statement made by Cindy, her frantic call reached Mrs. Marithza Poe at CPAC, the Executive Assistant to President Mr. G. Lee Lane, Esq., a 39 year veteran of law who is a multi-state licensed attorney that served as dean of several law universities for 18 years and is considered a giant in his field. Cindy states, "I was hysterical. I'm surprised Mrs. Poe even understood me, let alone actually cared, but before they took my brother away, a CPAC attorney (Charles Ton Esq.) stormed in the courtroom and had a conference with the district attorney and the judge. I remember thinking to myself, Thank you God!"

Towards the end of a long stressful day in court, Cindy texted Mrs. Poe this message "OMG, this man is AMAZING, he has so much charisma!!! I saw a miracle in action, he was so persistent, he wouldn't take no for an answer, everyonewas stirred by him, eventhe judge. I have a feeling my brother'sgoing home, I can just feel it."

Court records indicate CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic Attorney Charles Ton not only substituted in after the two public defenders worked the case, but he apparently did his magic. Court records indicate Mr. Ton somehow, be it magic or intervention, be it divine or non-profit, managed to influence a very reluctant judge and a second district attorney to agree and waive the entire $40,000.00 bail and release Eric on his own recognizance. That's right. RELEASED without bail. No orange suit, no hardened criminal cellmates and more importantly, no more of what his sister Cindy states would have been life-changing repercussions that would have resulted from being locked up when he is still so confused and troubled over the horrific family tragedies he's experienced.

When asked if CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic takes on more than just criminal defense cases, Mrs. Poe replied: "We want to help all people, all the time in all situations. This was the first time someone called us asking for this type of help. I knew Mr. Lane had decided to offer non-profit immigration legal help, but Mr. Lane has a huge heart. If he thinks we can make a difference he doesn't turn his back on anyone when he's able to help."

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