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September 26, 2017 09:00 ET

cPacket Networks Whitepaper Explores the Rise of 100Gbps Networks and the Challenges Posed for Performance and Security

Exponential Data Growth in Today's Enterprise Places New Burdens on the Network, Calling for a New Approach to Monitoring Network Performance

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2017) - cPacket Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network performance monitoring (NPM) and analytics solutions, announced today that is has published a whitepaper on the emergence of 100Gbps networks and the challenges it poses for performance and security. The paper, titled '100Gbps Networks Go Mainstream, Introducing New Challenges for Network Performance and Security Visibility Monitoring' is available for download at

Market reports from IDC and Crehan Research state that 100Gbps (100G) Ethernet is on track to becoming the dominant datacenter interconnect in the next few years, surpassing 40G by year's end. The cost benefits of 100G are leading to expanding the deployment of 100G from specialized applications to mainstream switching and routing. It is evident that the limitations of traditional monitoring systems simply can't operate efficiently due to increasing transient spikes on the network.

The numbers below clearly illustrate the challenges of effectively monitoring network traffic on a 100G link:

  • 80 seconds: the amount of time in which one terabyte of data crosses one direction of one 100G link
  • 0.96 petabytes: the amount of data transmitted in one day (around 125 8TB hard drives)
  • 12.5 megabytes: the amount of data in a single millisecond burst

"The challenges of ensuring comprehensive monitoring across the network are not going to change. However, the tools for keeping the distributed enterprise network running in the new world of 100G must," said Brendan O'Flaherty, CEO at cPacket. "100G creates a complex environment of increased data volume and large spikes. Traditional NPM architectures simply don't have the bandwidth to effectively manage their networks because of low availability, limited coverage, and resolution. As a result, these architectures struggle and ultimately fail to effectively manage networks. The key is an architecture which does the processing at the wire to improve accuracy, avoid bottlenecks, and provide "always on" rather than "best effort", monitoring. cPacket's innovative architecture delivers the accuracy, visibility, and high-speed capabilities needed to overcome today's network challenges."

Furthermore, as 100G networks quickly become more of a reality, it's vital that security teams and network performance teams work in tandem. Often, they're looking for the same data -- with the goal of interpreting it based on their focus. Spikes and microbursts in network traffic might represent a capacity issue for performance engineers as well as signs that network security is being compromised by an attacker. Providing the tools to allow correlation of these events, given the same data, is essential to efficient network security and performance applications.

To download cPacket's latest whitepaper, '100Gbps Networks Go Mainstream, Introducing New Challenges for Network Performance and Security Visibility Monitoring' please visit

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