March 06, 2006 13:00 ET

CPE HR Helps Companies Implement a Drug-Free Workplace Plan

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 6, 2006 -- Substance abuse in the workplace is a serious issue, generating an emotional and controversial debate. Accountability falls on the employer to provide an environment that protects its business and employees, making it critical for a company to adopt a drug and alcohol policy that's legal and meets the needs of its workforce.

As workplace regulations become more complicated, employers need professional assistance to handle many of their human resource demands. Designing a drug-free workplace program is no exception. That's why businesses are calling on CPE HR, one of the largest and most experienced human resources consulting firms in California.

Among CPE HR's many services is helping companies navigate the issues involved with establishing a drug-free workplace and understanding multi-layered laws.

"CPE HR assists clients in developing and implementing sound drug-testing policies," said Michael Holmes, CPE HR's Manager of Human Resources. "CPE HR will develop the policy, provide employee rollout of the policy and also provide training to supervisors on what is considered 'reasonable cause' drug testing."

Drug and alcohol use in the workplace has not increased during the past decade, but abuse continues to be a problem, striking any business, regardless of services or size. Of the 12.3 million adults who use illegal drugs in the United States, 9.4 million are employed, according to the Department of Labor. The financial toll is staggering, with the cost of alcohol and drug abuse running more than $81 billion per year in lost productivity. It's also costly for an employer who doesn't know the intricacies of creating a drug-free workplace plan, making CPE HR's expertise invaluable.

"By making drug testing a mandatory condition for employment after a job candidate is made an offer, an employer can reduce their exposure to liability by eliminating applicants who test positive for drugs," Holmes said. "If a company tests for drugs, it's vital they be consistent with their drug-testing policy."

Assistance with establishing a drug-free workplace policy is just one area where CPE HR excels. As more companies find it practical to outsource human resource needs, CPE HR is their powerful partner, helping clients operate in an ever-changing business world. CPE HR, which services more than 13,000 worksite employees, helps companies focus on productivity and profits by taking over their time-consuming human resource duties.

Running a business is rife with challenges. CPE HR provides the solutions, empowering companies through strategic human resource outsourcing.

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