August 19, 2009 08:00 ET

CPM Growth Highest in Real Estate and Sports Verticals According to Adify's New Quarterly Report

Adify Vertical Gauge Shows CPMs for Brand Spending Bouncing Back Across Top Verticals in 2009

SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - August 19, 2009) - Real estate and sports CPMs rose sharply in Q2, while travel, technology, automotive, and health have commanded the highest absolute CPMs. This data was reported in the new Adify Vertical Gauge (AVG), which was published today by Adify ( Adify also reported that premium inventory on vertical ad networks has held steady value for three consecutive quarters, led by significant gains in select verticals.

The Adify Vertical Gauge (AVG) publishes quarter-to-quarter online CPM data for the 13 vertical ad network categories on Adify's platform. Data in this report reflects all campaigns run on the Adify platform since October 1, 2008. The platform includes more than 200 premium vertical ad networks and 12,000 sites and blogs.

Adify's AVG data shows that brand advertising CPMs for various verticals have bounced back significantly from earlier in 2009. Detailed findings include:

--  Real Estate CPMs grew 100% between Q4 2008 and Q2 2009 and are aligned
    to housing starts. Across all verticals tracked by Adify, real estate
    ($6.49 in Q2 2009) has shown the most noteworthy CPM growth, up 100% over
    Q4 2008.
--  Sports and entertainment CPMs are up nearly 20%. The sports vertical
    ($7.09) dipped slightly in Q1 2009, but is up 18 percent in Q2, thanks to
    college hoops, pro-basketball championships, and the baseball season.
    Entertainment has grown steadily (up 19%) since October 2008, in keeping
    with the trend that the entertainment industry tends to fare well during
--  News recovers. In Q2, news-oriented content commanded CPMs with a
    median value over $10; that represents 20% growth over Q4 2008, but a
    decrease since Q1 2009's Presidential inauguration and the temporary news
    audience growth that went with it.
--  Travel, technology, automotive, and health held onto the highest
    absolute CPMs, despite fluctuations. These traditional CPM leaders are
    continuing to command the highest rates among premium vertical ad networks.
    Technology ($16.01) experienced a significant decrease in Q1 and has since
    begun to rebound. Both automotive ($15.33) and travel ($19.89) have grown
    over Q4 2008 with some contraction since Q1 2009.
--  Moms/parents and beauty/fashion verticals are down slightly. This fits
    expectations because these verticals have cyclical advertising seasons. Q4
    2008 was strong due to committed campaigns and traditional holiday
    advertising. Adify expects these verticals to experience CPM growth in late
    Q3 2009 and throughout Q4 2009.

"While the online advertising spend continues to grow overall, there are important variances between key verticals that reveal much more about how the economy is recovering and how the online advertising industry is responding to that recovery," said Russ Fradin, president of Adify. "The Adify Vertical Gauge gives advertisers and publishers deep insight into these trends by tracking premium ad inventory in key vertical markets."

The AVG will be a regularly published industry-wide listing of reported CPMs and pricing data on inventory sold directly on websites in various vertical categories. The inventory covered in the report includes banner ads, rollovers, roadblocks, sponsorships, and rich media campaigns. The current AVG can be downloaded at:

About the Adify Vertical Gauge

The Adify Vertical Gauge is a quarterly analysis of average CPMs for direct-sold campaigns on more than 12,000 websites in the 200 vertical ad networks built on Adify's ad technology platform. Among these websites, 69% are based in the United States. Adify's Ad Server is audited by IMServices and certified compliant with IAB Ad Measurement Guidelines.

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