SOURCE: Attorney Craig T Beling

November 11, 2016 11:10 ET

Craig T. Beling To Receive YAB Association Award For Q3 2016

DANA POINT, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 11, 2016) - Attorney Craig T. Beling has been recognized by the YAB association for his outstanding contribution in the area of sustained mentoring of destitute young men in Africa through empowerment organization Village Care International. He is expected to be honored with an official commendation by the YAB association in the third quarter of 2016.

The recognition comes in the light of Mr. Beling's extraordinary contribution to building communities that are self-sufficient and self-sustaining through a multi-point program run by Village Care International. Alongside a stellar career as a Wall Street lawyer working for some of the world's largest financial organizations such as Fidelity Investments and Société Générale, Craig Beling is also a passionate believer in the development of local communities. Leveraging his experience as a community leader and a successful entrepreneur setting up Craig Beling and Associates, a law firm specializing in debt renegotiation, debt settlement corporate law, contracts, bankruptcy, real estate, and bankruptcy, he invested his time and effort in the mentoring of young men from underprivileged backgrounds. His varied experience includes directorship of a Serbian engineering company and as a legal consultant for the Clarus Capital Group. His achievements include the development of high-value capital market assets of more than $200 million and $2 billion in advisory revenue.

Village Care International focuses on the building and revival of local African communities. In partnership with Craig Beling and Associates as well as donors from around the world, the organization uses a unique non-aided approach to help facilitate community building. Having proven that outside aid has had a minimal impact on the daily lives of underprivileged African communities, Village Care International works with these communities, helping them build systems that provide healthcare, nutrition, education, sanitation, economic development and sustainable livelihoods. As a result, the Craig Beling Village Care International partnership supports work that has improved the lives of more than 2500 communities across 10 countries in Africa.

Craig Beling and Associates is a law firm with specialized expertise in debt management, debt renegotiation, and debt resettlement for private individuals and corporate clientele. Craig T. Beling continues to work as a consultant and director of several organizations, using his extensive expertise in personal mentoring and community development to improve the lives of disenfranchised peoples.

Attorney Craig Beling is being commended for the heap of work that he did for the Village Care International Movement. The VCI movement is a group of organized people the work together to empower people in Africa by forcing them to become self-sufficient. Beling is a southern California attorney who does most of his work in the field of debt. Some of the most prevalent topics that his law firm handles are topics such as debt settlement, debt negotiation and debt repair. He works mainly in the field of finance, but he has also been a consultant in many areas. His work with Village Care International has won him an award.

About Village Care International

The Village Care International project is a movement that forces Africans to take charge of their finances. The founders of the program believe that Africans must create their own positive destinies instead of relying on other organizations to donate money to them. They are huge advocates of self-sufficiency, and they believe that the resources are available right in the African's back yard. Village Care International started in 2005. Today it consists of more than 5,000 self-sufficient communities spread about over 13 countries.

Outcomes, Practices and Open Space

The main program that the Africans are taught is called Outcomes, Practices and Open Space. OPAS is a three-day seminar that the presenters present to African communities as a first step. It consists of a multi-dimensional plan of recovery and prosperity.

Donation management is one of the strategies in the program. Supervisors are then planted into the area in which they will be orchestrating the program. Any donations that come into the program automatically go to housing for the supervisors and facilitators who provide the African people with advice on how to live. Currently, thousands of volunteers are involved with this movement, and it has been successful in that so many communities have emerged since its deployment. Craig Beling Village Care International advocate dedicated his time and energy to the program, and he is being acknowledged and recognized for His dedication. He has apparently helped the people of Africa to achieve something that the would not have been able to achieve otherwise.

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