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October 09, 2006 13:24 ET

Cray Announces That ESRC Will Conduct Workshop on Coupled Modeling at East Asia Meteorological Conference

SEATTLE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 9, 2006 -- Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) announced today that the Earth System Research Center (ESRC) will conduct a special session at the Korea-Japan-China Second Joint Conference on Meteorology. The ESRC Workshop on Coupled Model Development, which takes place October 12, 2006, at the KINTEX Conference Center in Ilsan City, Republic of Korea, will feature presentations by weather, climatology and software experts from various countries.

Coupled modeling frameworks are sophisticated software mechanisms that allow computers to run multicomponent applications. These frameworks make it possible for each separate component to interact dynamically with the others using well-defined interfaces. Weather and climatology researchers use coupled modeling to build highly complex and accurate earth-system simulations that may include atmosphere, ocean, land surface and sea ice components. Such models can help predict phenomena such as El Nino, which is the result of intricate air-sea interactions in the Pacific area.

"Coupled modeling increases the predictive power of earth-system models by combining results from different model subsystems," said Dongil Lee, chief of the Supercomputer Center at Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). "The refinements and new approaches that will be addressed in the workshop have great potential to make these models even more precise and useful in the future. We are pleased to be partnering with Cray in making this and other ESRC collaborative activities available to meteorological researchers."

ESRC is a cooperative venture between Cray and KMA that funds projects which promise to benefit public welfare by improving weather, seasonal climate and natural disaster predictions. The partnership was established in 2005 to advance the science of earth-system modeling over the East Asia and Pacific region, and to leverage the collective knowledge of academia, government and industry in Korea. During the ESRC workshop participants will also review the status of ESRC's 2005-2006 fellowship program.

"For decades Cray has helped advance climatology and earth-science research by providing the powerful computing systems that researchers employ to gain new insights into how the Earth's planetary processes work," said Per Nyberg, Cray's Earth Sciences Segment director. "Systems like the Cray X1E™ supercomputer at KMA have proved invaluable in furthering operational numerical weather prediction and a host of other scientific endeavors at research centers around the world."

The Korea-Japan-China Second Joint Conference on Meteorology will be held at the KINTEX Conference Center October 11-13, 2006. Conducted by the national meteorological societies of the three countries, this year's conference takes as its theme "High Impact Weather and Climate in East Asia: Understanding, Prediction, and Society." Presentation and discussion topics will include meteorology and atmospheric chemistry, weather forecasting, climate change, aerosols, radiation and air pollution as they pertain to the region.

Attendees may register for the conference online by visiting

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