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November 06, 2013 03:01 ET

Cray Expands Data Management Portfolio With New Tiered Adaptive Storage Solution

Cray Now Addresses Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) for Big Data and Supercomputing

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2013) - Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) today introduced a complete and open storage archiving solution for Big Data and supercomputing with the launch of Cray® Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS). Through a strategic partnership with Versity Software, Inc., Cray has developed a deployment-ready, flexible tiered archiving solution designed to be easy to use, reduce costs and preserve data indefinitely.

Cray TAS includes all software and hardware, eliminating complexities associated with planning, designing, and building large-scale archives. Cray TAS ensures data protection and accessibility at scale, and during upgrades -- an essential attribute as the lifespan of data typically exceeds the useful life of storage infrastructure.

The latest addition to Cray's line of storage and data management solutions, Cray TAS can be provisioned as a primary file storage system with tiers, as well as a persistent storage archive. It provides transparent data migration across storage tiers -- from fast scratch to primary and archive storage. Cray TAS features up to four flexible storage tiers mixing media, solid state drive, disk or tape, and simplifies storage management with familiar, easy-to-use archive commands for storage operators.

"Our new data management product gives supercomputing and Big Data customers the ability to more effectively access, manage, and preserve their exponentially increasing amounts of data," said Barry Bolding, Cray's vice president of storage and data management. "Today, Cray is at the forefront of scalable, parallel file system storage. With the launch of Cray TAS, we now have a complete tiered storage and archiving solution that combines our scaling expertise with proven block storage and tape technologies, while also providing integration with HSM features in future versions of the Lustre file system. To make Cray TAS even more compelling, we have integrated Versity's open-format virtualization technologies that manage and optimize customer data across multiple storage tiers to provide best-in-class hierarchical storage management."

Cray recently made a strategic investment in Versity Software, Inc., recognizing Versity's unique ability to integrate its large-scale archival storage software into the Cray TAS solution. The company's core technology, the Versity Storage Manager, features an advanced, standards-based software architecture, supporting virtually unlimited archive size.

"Cray is widely respected for introducing high-quality solutions that are innovative and highly scalable, and because we take the same approach in designing our products, we believe the technology behind our Versity Storage Manager is a perfect match for Cray's Tiered Adaptive Storage solution," said Harriet Coverston, Versity's co-founder and CTO. "We are very proud of our partnership with Cray, and we are excited to introduce Cray TAS to the storage marketplace."

The Cray TAS solution is the latest addition to Cray's portfolio of storage and data management offerings. The Company recently introduced Cray® Cluster Connect™, a complete Lustre™ storage solution for x86 Linux® clusters. Cray Cluster Connect is a compute agnostic storage and data management offering that allows customers to utilize their Linux compute environment of choice -- providing customers with a complete, end-to-end, Lustre solution consisting of hardware, networking, software, architecture and support.

Cray also offers a storage appliance solution using Cray® Sonexion® -- a scale out storage system that vastly reduces deployment time and simplifies storage management for high performance solutions. Cray Sonexion addresses a broad range of customers as it provides performance scalability from gigabytes to terabytes per-second in a single file system and performs optimally at scale. Cray is also an original founder and board member of OpenSFS -- a consortium focused on advancing Lustre capabilities and keeping Lustre open -- and is following the OpenSFS roadmap for Lustre.

The Cray TAS solution will be on display in the Cray booth at the 2013 Supercomputing Conference held November 17-22 in Denver, Colorado.

Additional information on the Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage and Cray's scalable storage solutions can be found on the Cray website.

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