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September 30, 2010 12:21 ET

Creating a Unique Health Care Investment Fund Which Combines the Best Attributes of a Hedge Fund and a Mutual Fund for the Opportunistic Health Care Investor

Introducing The Health Care Transformation Fund From Miller Tabak Advisors, LLC

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 30, 2010) -  Miller Tabak Advisors, LLC (MT), a New York-based registered investment advisor, announced today the official launch of The Health Care Transformation Fund (Fund) (Trading Symbol: MTHFX), an innovative health care focused fund that seeks to provide investors with the agility of a hedge fund, but with the liquidity, transparency and lower costs of a mutual fund.

The Fund will focus broadly on health care investments including investments in Biotech, Hospitals, HMOs, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Services.

Jeffrey D. Miller, a founding partner and Co-CEO of Miller Tabak + Co. LLC (Miller Tabak), the parent firm of MT, said, "Over the past 28 years, Miller Tabak has utilized its research and trading experience for the benefit of sophisticated institutional investors. We recognize the growing importance of health care both in the U.S. and abroad and want to take a leadership role in making the complex but unique investment opportunities in health care available to a broader investing public."

Through the Health Care Transformation Fund, Miller added, "we are pleased to offer individual investors the same type of sophisticated investment services that we provide to our institutional clients."

The Health Care Transformation Fund is managed by Les Funtleyder, Miller Tabak's primary Health Care Strategist, and was founded specifically to bring alternative health care investment strategies to mutual funds and the investing public.

Mr. Funtleyder, a seasoned portfolio manager with over 16 years of health care-related investment acumen said, "It's a hedged mutual fund so our goal is to provide retail investors with more risk control, better liquidity and more transparency than with a traditional long-only fund, yet without the big fees."

Funtleyder, who is also the acclaimed author of "Health-Care Investing: Profiting from the New World of Pharma, Biotech, and Health-Care Services" (McGraw Hill 2009), added, "We have a broad range of ways to invest. We can take long and short positions in health care companies and can further expand our return potential by investing in options and derivatives when and where it is financially appropriate."

The Health Care Transformation Fund will approach its investments as a strategic buyer and will incorporate both micro- and macro-economic research by combining elements of a research-intensive "bottom-up" approach with a "top-down" macro factor evaluation when making investment decisions.

In addition to the resources at MT and Miller Tabak, we believe that the Fund is further enhanced by an advisory board of leading investment and business professionals and has unparalleled access to a stable of industry experts from which to draw market and company specific insight.

Please Note: An investment in the Fund is subject to risks, and you could lose money on your investment. The Fund is new and has a limited history of operations. Investments concentrated in one economic sector, such as Healthcare, experience greater volatility than more broadly based investments.

About Miller Advisors, LLC.

Miller Tabak Advisors, LLC ("MT") is an investment manager focused on identifying unique investments in a variety of sectors. MT has recognized that health care investments both in the U.S. and internationally are experiencing rapid and dramatic changes and has created the Health Care Transformation Fund to take advantage of these opportunities. MT has the research and investment experience to identify market opportunities and to quickly identify and capitalize on company specific information, sector trends and macro environmental factors which influence a company's share price. Working in conjunction with the resources at Miller Tabak, MT has the investment experience and prowess to capitalize on market changes and to execute its strategy to take advantage of market volatility for the potential benefit of the investors in the Fund. 

About Miller Tabak +Co., LLC.

Miller Tabak + Co., LLC ("Miller Tabak") is a 28-year-old institutional trading firm specializing in the discreet handling of stock purchases and sales, portfolio rebalancing, and listed options. The firm acts as agent on behalf of sophisticated institutional investors (hedge funds to large institutions) executing trading and hedging strategies imaginatively and aggressively. The firm has tremendous experience in transactions of stocks and options. In addition it has created a vast network using electronic markets and information sources. Today, Miller Tabak has advanced technology systems helping to create proprietary strategies, providing clients with split second accuracy and opportune reactions to market conditions. The firm has a nation-wide footprint with offices in New York, Boston, and San Diego.

Important Disclosures:

Please consider the Fund's investment objective, risks, charges and expenses before investing. The prospectus that contains this and other information about the Fund is available free of charge by calling 888.MTADVISORS (1.888.682.3847) and should be read carefully prior to investing. 

The Miller Tabak Health Care Transformation Fund is distributed by Grand Distribution Services, LLC.

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