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September 29, 2014 13:26 ET

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Zoning and License Update

LAKESHORE, ON--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2014) -  Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: FITX), CEN Biotech, would like to take this opportunity to update its shareholders. 

Over the last week or so, CEN Biotech Inc. has been addressing various third parties including our shareholders adhoc as many questions continue to emerge on the status of our facility in the Town of Lakeshore, the resolution that was past, and the status of the license in regards to the MMPR program.

To address the issue at the forefront first; from our perspective, CEN Biotech Inc. was asked not to attend the Town of Lakeshore's latest meeting whereby a resolution was passed that the town were to issue a letter to Health Canada asking to hold off on issuing a license for our facility. 

This unfortunate event where we were asked not to attend, only to have a resolution passed in our absence, and in the interests of our shareholders, and various entities involved in our company were in our minds deprived of Natural Justice and an opportunity to even be present and state the facts of our facilities and our company. That unfortunately led to a resolution being passed that would appear contradictory to the Town's support in the past year over our operations, facility, etc. And from what we understand, the resolution was not passed unanimously.

Our Open House is our opportunity to address those concerns, and the Town or residents always have an opportunity to work with us when those concerns through our office as and when they are raised, so we have a fair opportunity to address them. Hence why we rescheduled our Open House that was in conflict with another event that very same day to maximize exposure for the sake of the residents, media and shareholders to our staff, panel of experts, and our executives to answer any questions or concerns potentially not addressed. 

As you can imagine I have been saying for over one year zoning is not an issue. It is still a non-issue. Steve Salmons of Lakeshore Economic Development handpicked our location for Medical Marijuana and acknowledged such before Lakeshore Council. As a precondition to application with Health Canada, Lakeshore was notified in Writing over one year ago of our intention. The Mayor of Lakeshore welcomed us to Lakeshore publicly in a press conference. We pulled permits and were inspected through-out our build-out numerous times by Lakeshore inspectors.

We have agricultural zoning. Marihuana is a plant. Our land has been farmed at both sites with crops which gives us what is called "Legal- nonconforming use" if Lakeshore chooses to write, adopt and implement bylaws with respect to marihuana facilities. We are grandfathered by the Supreme Court of Canada case law on this issue. There is no retroactive application of future proposed bylaws. 

Secondly, we would like to release the fact that Health Canada, as a result of their pre-license inspection on July 31, 2014 did state they were satisfied with our facility and were, in their words, "...the applicant (CEN BioTech Inc.) will be ready and able to meet the requirements of the MMPR provided the deficiencies addressed during the inspection debrief meeting were addressed...". We are happy to report to our shareholders that those deficiencies were immediately addressed and ask for your continued patience as Health Canada assesses that information given the tremendous workload they currently have with the vast array of applicants currently before them. 

We can also state that as a result of a recent request of Health Canada, we also completed a supplementary electrical inspection and that was transmitted to them last Friday, electronically as a result of recent changes to the Regulation. We continue to work with Health Canada closely to ensure we continue to maintain complete compliance as necessary and required changes pursuant to the MMPR, and in this industry are asked of us, and our competitors in the industry. It is a natural evolution in an up and coming industry vertical where-by medicinal marijuana, and how to protect the best interests of the public at large will always change, and we need to be adaptable to those changes.

Nevertheless, we welcome all involved to be involved in ongoing, transparent discussions regarding our vision for jobs creation in the Town of Lakeshore, diversification of economies in our community, and being part of a new opportunity in medicinal marijuana as we attempt to employ the best the industry has to offer to maximize the level of protection and quality the public requires and deserves, including our neighbours and friends in the Town of Lakeshore.

About CEN Biotech
CEN Biotech, Inc. was established in 2013 as a partially owned subsidiary of Creative Edge Nutrition (OTC Pink: FITX) (PINKSHEETS: FITX) for the sole purpose of supplying the Canadian public with pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis under the newly established Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). CEN Biotech Inc. has submitted a comprehensive application to become a licensed producer (LP) of dried marihuana for medicinal purposes and has received a ready-to-build approval from Health Canada.

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