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December 18, 2015 04:00 ET

Creative Medical Health, Inc. Announces Line of New Products Live on

Company's Products Provide Natural, Science-Backed Approaches to Fighting Against Common Health Issues

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 18, 2015) - Creative Medical Health, Inc., a biotechnology holding company with a focus on regenerative medicine, announced that four of its new products, Tranquil Life™, Chol Life®, Stem Life® and Cardio Life™, are now available for purchase on, the world's largest online retailer.

Creative Medical Health is known throughout the nutritional products industry for taking a unique, science-backed approach to developing its products. All four of these products are the result of a significant amount of research to find the best possible blend of natural ingredients for their specific treatment purposes.

"We are pleased to announce that our line of products is available for purchase on," said Tim Warbington, founder of Creative Medical Health, Inc. "Each of these four new products focuses on a specific important medical issue common among people throughout the United States. Their natural treatment methods ensure people will find relief from their symptoms without having to deal with any harmful side effects or other issues."

Tranquil Life™ is a supplement geared toward people who have troubles managing stress and anxiety in their lives. It provides a calming, tension-relieving effect that helps people to make it through their day without succumbing to anxiety. It also helps to prevent overwhelming levels of stress leading to other health issues.

Cardio Life™ promotes better overall cardiovascular health, clinically tested on patients with heart failure. The hawthorn and Arjuna that act as the product's primary active ingredients increase blood flow to the heart and improve platelet aggression.

Stem Life® improves the proliferation of stem cells in the bone marrow, and their distribution throughout the body through the blood stream. Stem cells help to regenerate cells and tissue, giving the body a better healing capacity.

Chol Life® promotes healthier cholesterol levels by reducing the amounts of "bad" cholesterol (LDL and triglycerides) found in the body. Better cholesterol levels means lower risk of heart disease and strokes.

"With all of these products now being available on, we have a greater ability to help customers with their health issues than ever before," said Warbington. "We look forward to reaching out to a wider audience of consumers to promote healthier, happier lifestyles."

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