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February 06, 2007 14:16 ET

Creative Talent Rules This Universe

BALTIMORE, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- The fastest growing segment of the Internet received another big boost on Sunday as the first-ever user-generated commercial debuted on the biggest stage of them all -- the Super Bowl.

Working with Frito-Lay, and spending only $12.79, a crew of five -- all under the age of 22 -- pulled off what some said was unlikely: they tangled with advertisings' big boys on Madison Avenue and proved to be their equal.

And in the process these video entrepreneurs further underscored the phenomenal growth of user-generated video and the pool of talent that supplies it.

But not everyone was surprised by the outcome -- least of all Steve Christ, editor of "Quantum Investor." (Readers may receive a free copy of "Quantum Investor" here:

"Given this industry's explosive growth," Christ said, "it was only a matter of time before one of these innovative and creative newcomers grabbed the spotlight -- even at the Super Bowl.

"Online video sites like YouTube," he said, "have provided the creative outlet for a whole new breed of non-professional talent that has opened up a lot of eyes."

Aside from the better-known YouTube, Christ says, there is GoFish Inc. -- the only publicly traded online video company. And unlike its cousin YouTube, GoFish combines user-generated content and online broadcasting using both original programming and a library of award-winning films.

In fact, last month the company began offering 1,300 film titles provided by their strategic partnership with Omni Film Distribution and released a whole new slate of original series created by the talented members of the GoFish community.

What sets GoFish apart, Christ says, is their understanding that it is the content that ultimately makes the difference. Call it quality vs. quantity.

"When it comes to online video, content is king. Talent rules this creative universe, and GoFish is simply gobbling it up wherever it can," said Christ.

And for the company it is a strategy that is beginning to add up. Its traffic growth reached new highs in December, posting a 274% increase in U.S. unique visitors, according to Comscore Media Metrix.

"The widespread acceptance of this material is just beginning," Christ said, "and its popularity at the Super Bowl proves it."

Steve Christ is an editor for "Quantum Investor," an investment advisory service that provides in-depth analysis on tech companies that will be future players in the new tech boom market. "Quantum Investor" is published by Angel Publishing.

This report was filed by Jennifer Husson, a frequent contributor to the e-letter "Quantum Investor." Readers may receive a free copy of "Quantum Investor" here:

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