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March 17, 2008 17:39 ET

New "Credit-Aid" Corporate Pro-1000 Professional Credit Repair Software Provides Critical Tools to Help More Qualify for Loans

Credit-Aid Corporate Pro-1000 Dramatically Improves Potential Borrowers' Options in the Collapse of the Subprime Loan Market

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - The award-winning Los Angeles software company "Credit-Aid" (aka: The Credit Doctor) today announced the launch of its newest product: Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 Professional Credit Repair Software. In the wake of last year's ultra-successful Credit-Aid Credit Repair Software for Mortgage Brokers, Corporate PRO-1000 is designed to provide mortgage brokers, loan officers, real estate specialists, auto professionals and anyone with a credit repair business more options in today's shrinking financing market. The cutting-edge Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 software provides a fully automated system that helps improve clients' credit scores, thereby helping more clients to qualify for a wider array of loan products.

Daniel Rosen, the founder of Credit-Aid, calls Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 software, "the single, most important software for mortgage brokers, working with borrowers with less than absolutely perfect credit. For less than one dollar per client, they can now solve this dilemma."

As the developer of the award-winning credit repair software for consumers, Rosen has won accolades from the high tech industry and is a twice-featured speaker at the "PC Magazine Awards for Excellence" at Comdex.

Michael Jaffa, a Los Angeles-based transactional attorney and litigator, worked with Rosen over a two-year period to develop the new Credit-Aid Professional Credit Repair Software. "This program comes at a time when there is no other program servicing mortgage brokers and loan professionals' needs. Many potential borrowers have been hurt by the recent turmoil in the subprime market. Lenders are tightening standards and demanding larger down payments. Mid-tier borrowers are being pushed into 'Alt-A' loans where they could be considered prime borrowers if their credit report scores were just a few points higher. To get clients the best loan possible, loan officers used to spend hundreds of hours cleaning up credit reports. Now, Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 completely automates this process and is the most user-friendly and powerful program on the market to date."

The software enables fast access to clients' credit reports. When negative items or inaccuracies are found, it automatically generates personalized letters written by a business attorney demanding the appropriate action be taken. With studies showing that as many as 79% of all credit reports contain errors that can lower a persons credit score, Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 alerts the proper authorities to correct inaccuracies helping everyone from mortgage brokers and bank loan officers and credit repair specialists, to those who want to do self credit repair. The end result: more people qualifying for loans and deals closing faster.

"Our software is a fresh approach to solving the Mortgage Broker's dilemma," states Rosen. "It is designed to help those people walking in the door who need a loan but whose choices are limited to expensive high-risk products or who are completely shut out by negative credit issues and a low credit score. Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 helps resolve problems by addressing inaccuracies, requesting items be removed, and updating potential borrowers' credit reports to reflect the latest information -- with just a few clicks of the mouse."

Designed to store data on up to one thousand (1000) clients, the new software comes with an instant mortgage loan calculator, a debt ratio calculator, the ability to perform simple bookkeeping functions, a database designed to track letters and a built-in reminder to mortgage brokers when it's time to check up on their clients.

Safety-wise, Credit-Aid Corporate PRO-1000 is stand-alone software and does not use the Internet to transmit information. It further protects sensitive client information by encrypting those files. Credit-Aid is compatible with both Windows Vista and Windows XP. Mac users can run it via Parallels.

For consumers who cannot afford the new software, Credit-Aid is offering a special FREE version consisting of their full Retail Home Credit Software, available through the generosity of Credit-Aid's new Partners at TrialPay. A FREE E-BOOK is also available, via, detailing the process of credit repair and offering FREE sample credit repair letters.

Credit-Aid is presently seeking Affiliates. Anyone with a website can sign up at no cost to become an affiliate and earn up to $100 for any referred sale of Credit-Pro software through

Rosen notes, "When the loans industry in California began to hit a slump, we started developing our software at the request of mortgage brokers. We are dedicated to serving this market and will continue to develop new products to serve the financial marketplace."

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