SOURCE: National Debt Relief Program

October 20, 2010 14:17 ET

Credit Card Debt Consolidation and Debt Relief Programs Being Flocked To

National Debt Relief Program Discusses Solutions to Credit Card Debt as U.S. Economy Searches for Momentum

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - October 20, 2010) -  Credit card debt consolidation and debt relief programs continue to be sought out today by the millions of working class Americans who struggle with credit card debt amidst the current era of economic uncertainty. Fortunately, more options for relief from credit card debt exist now more than ever before.

Great debate concerning the true national unemployment rate is ongoing; according to one survey, 28% of U.S. households have at least one member who is looking for a full-time job. Additionally, a recent Pew Research survey found that 55% of the U.S. labor force has experienced either unemployment, a pay decrease, a reduction in hours or an involuntary move to part-time work since the recession began.

The unemployment and underemployment factors have contributed to many being unable to keep up with credit card debt payments. Yet this is debt that in many cases has been racked up not by frivolous spending, but rather spending on plastic to make up for shortfalls in household budgets and to make ends meet.

Enter Relief Programs

In times and eras of the past, consumer options were limited in terms of effective programs and services to help a person lower credit card debt and gain a fresh start. Bankruptcy and loan programs were the order of the day at one time. Today, however a new generation of programs, services and initiatives has arrived which can help to dramatically lower credit card debt without the need for the taking out of loans, risking one's home equity, or standing before a bankruptcy judge.

Credit card debt relief and consolidation programs as offered today by debt relief, credit counseling, and debt consolidation providers use processes of negotiation as the foundation of their efforts to lower and restructure credit card debt. Variations of these programs can either settle credit card debt for a significantly reduced amount, or negotiate a reduction in interest rates, penalties, and other fees.

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