SOURCE: National Debt Relief Program

February 14, 2011 06:00 ET

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Debt Relief Programs Offer Way Out of Debt

National Debt Relief Program Discusses How the Various Debt Reduction Programs of Today Are Aiding Consumers in Droves to Get Out of Debt and Pay Off Debt at a Discount

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) - Credit card debt relief and debt consolidation programs of varying kinds are generating thousands of success stories across America today as consumers and small business flock to these initiatives to help ease their debt burden and get out of debt on a fast track basis.

With consumer credit card debt rising for the fourth straight month in January, many are again treading down the path of suddenly finding themselves with too much debt, more debt than they can adequately manage and pay back without some form of intervention. Complicating the situation is the fact that creditors today offer higher interest rates and fees than prior to enactment of the Credit CARD Act.

Yet credit card debt consolidation and debt relief programs abound today and offer powerfully effective means for consumers and small businesses to lower unsecured debt such as that from credit card debt and medical bills. These programs gained renewed interest during the worst of the economic recession and continue to help thousands of individuals and families at any given time.

With these types of debt relief programs, debt can be lowered, a consolidated payment plan put in place, and a roadmap established for fully getting out of debt. These programs include those that work with loans to pay off debt, and those that make no use of loans but rather work through processes of negotiation directly with a person's creditors to negotiate debt principal and even interest rates and fees in some cases.

Debt Settlement is one of the types of programs that does not involve new loans. This program, also known as debt arbitration and debt negotiation, is unique in that it can result in debt being settled for significantly much less than the original balances owed. Debt settlement gained enormous traction and acceptance during the recession as it is a program which benefits both consumers and creditors alike. Indeed, there are many options for debt relief today.

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