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September 22, 2009 14:36 ET

Credit Card Debt Exit Strategies Explained by

With Consumer Credit Card Debt Reaching an All-Time High, Consumer Advocate Offers Exit Strategies Which Consumers Can Begin Utilizing Today

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - Credit Card Debt - It is a serious issue affecting the lives of millions of U.S. consumers in all walks of life in big cities and small towns from coast to coast. An economy in recession as well as practices by the credit card companies themselves has caused financial hardship for many. Ranking high among these hardships is credit card debt. Consumer advocate here sets forth exit strategies for consumers.

Debt Relief - It is sorely needed today. The most recent government and census data reveals that the average U.S. consumer owes over $4,000 in credit card debt, with the average U.S. household owing over $7,800 in credit card debt. Couple these facts with the millions in jobs that have been lost, together with homes that have lost much of their values and a continued foreclosure crisis -- and a recipe for disaster is unfolding.

However there is hope. The U.S. financial sector offers many ways and means for consumers to deal with, manage, reduce & eliminate credit card debt; in short -- debt relief. These programs can be outlined as follows:

Debt Consolidation & Debt Consolidation Loans

This program works by combining multiple existing debt payments into one single, more manageable monthly payment. Debt consolidation works to achieve this through negotiating with creditors for lower interest rates and more favorable payment terms. A new loan may or may not be taken out to pay off the multiple existing loans. Typically, this new loan comes in the form of a home equity loan.

Debt Settlement

This program has been garnering much attention in the media as of late. It works by having experienced debt settlement professionals negotiate on behalf of the consumer with their creditors in order to gain concessions in terms of the total amount owed by the consumer. How great can these concessions be? In a typical debt settlement plan the reduction in credit card debt is on average 50% and can be as much as 75%. This program achieves debt relief for the consumer without the need for a bankruptcy filing and all the harmful repercussions that come with filing for bankruptcy. offers consumers a free debt evaluation which they can take advantage of at:

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