SOURCE: Federal Debt Relief Program

June 11, 2010 11:57 ET

Credit Card Debt Relief Bailout and Consolidation Helping Consumers

Big Banks and Big Business Are Not the Only Ones Getting a Debt Bailout These Days, Federal Debt Relief Program Explains

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2010) -  Credit card debt relief is currently available to U.S. consumers and businesses in a series of sweeping new credit card debt relief bailout programs. These credit card debt relief bailout programs have been designed for the effective reduction and elimination of credit card debt, resulting in a fresh start to individuals and businesses across the country.

According to Federal Debt Relief Program, a non-government, non-government related debt relief program, these credit card debt bailout programs have been packaged in many variations to address the needs of as many consumers and businesses as possible. For too long, U.S. taxpayers have felt frustration with their elected representatives awarding billions in taxpayer dollars to companies that were "too big to fail."

The frustration further increased when it was revealed that executives at many of these firms received million dollar bonuses, for what President Obama termed, "being rewarded for failure." U.S. taxpayers can now feel some amount of equalization as they too now have a credit card debt relief bailout available to them.

The credit card debt relief that is available today to consumers and businesses includes the following programs and services:

Debt Settlement -- this program is one of the newer and most effective consumer and business credit card debt relief bailouts available today. This program has been featured in major media outlets recently including MSNBC, Fox News, and others. This program works by a debt settlement firm acting as an arbitrator and negotiating on behalf of the consumer or business with their creditors.

The outcome of these negotiations is a debt settlement that in many cases is a 50 percent reduction of the original amount of debt that was owed. This fantastic reduction in credit card debt is achieved without loan of any kind and without bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation -- this program is one the most familiar credit card debt relief bailout programs known to consumers and businesses. In this program, a new loan is taken out to pay off multiple existing loans.

National Debt Relief Program offers consumers a free debt evaluation and debt savings quote which can be taken advantage of at their website:

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