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June 10, 2010 12:00 ET

Credit Card Debt Relief Bailout Available to US Consumers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2010) -  For those individuals who have found themselves treading upon the slippery slope of credit card debt, borrowing no longer represents any kind of viable spending solution, and the mounting interest and additional fees can add up to a heap of debt that's impossible to manage. In such cases, even the minimal monthly payment can be out of financial grasp, resulting in poor credit ratings, harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors and even bankruptcy. Keeping up with debt balances needn't run a delinquent debtor into the ground when new approaches to debt relief have arrived.

Too many hardworking Americans with honest intentions have found themselves facing bankruptcy and the loss of their estates when their monthly income has been thrown off course by job loss, medical bills or other misfortunes. Their troubles have been overlooked by our elected officials, while time and again major corporations on the brink of failure are handed taxpayer funded bail outs. Furthering this frustration is the shocking fact that the heads of many of these companies receive millions in bonuses. Total Debt Relief reports that at last there's effective aid at hand for the common wage earner contending with financial adversities.

For such borrowers in over their heads in credit, there's help available with debt relief programs designed to help the debtor manage and even reduce debt loads. Total Debt Relief casts an encouraging light upon resources intended to alleviate credit burdens, allowing insight into the different debt relief programs. With debt relief, professionals will work with you and the credit card companies, employing methods that resolve credit problems. A credit crisis can be effectively addressed, offering real solutions to credit dilemmas that appeared to be impossible to manage.

As reported by ABC, Fox, and Newsweek, one of the newest and most worthwhile debt relief services offered to the public is the debt settlement program. The function of the debt settlement firm is to conduct negotiations between the debtor and the lenders. A debt settlement professional evaluates the individual's debt situation and a payment strategy is devised. In many cases the total amount of debt is reduced, often by at least fifty percent. 

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