SOURCE: National Debt Relief Program

February 22, 2011 01:53 ET

Credit Card Debt Relief, Debt Consolidation Offer Help With Debt

As Consumers Once Again Ratchet Up Spending, National Debt Relief Program Discusses Programs to Help Lower, Eliminate Debt

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - February 22, 2011) - Credit card debt relief and debt consolidation programs are today fulfilling a great need by helping consumers to lower debt, consolidate, and settle debt. These debt relief programs can be instrumental in getting out of debt and getting on with one's life.

The strain of debt such as that from credit card debt can be overwhelming. The problem is such that when consumers continue to make only the minimum monthly payments, it can take decades to pay off debt -- and at a considerably increased cost. Credit card debt can reach a point where even making the minimum monthly payments can become challenging if not altogether impossible.

In difficult scenarios such as these, bankruptcy is what many mistakenly believe to be their only recourse. Yet this is not the case. Today, there are a plethora of debt relief programs, services and initiatives which have become popular alternatives to bankruptcy. These programs, offered today by debt relief, debt management, and debt consolidation providers are both easy to apply for and qualify for.

Debt consolidation loans involve the taking out of a new loan to pay off other loans and debt. These types of loans have traditionally been used for consolidating credit card debt and have become increasingly popular for consolidating student loans in recent years as well. Yet debt consolidation loans are not without risks, and experts advise consumers to tread cautiously.

Those who struggle with mortgage debt can seek out help from a mortgage modification program. One such government program is the Obama "Making Home Affordable Program" which is one that offers opportunities for homeowners to refinance or modify their mortgage.

When it comes to the all too familiar struggle with debt of the plastic variety, credit card debt settlement programs can be highly effective at allowing consumers to settle their accounts for a significantly reduced amount. These programs have become extremely popular in recent years as they can offer a fast track road out of debt.

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