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March 15, 2010 14:49 ET

Credit Card Debt Relief: How to Get Started

With Many Individuals and Businesses Continuing to Struggle Financially During the Stagnant Economic Recovery, Consumer Advocate Total Debt Relief Explains Effective Debt Relief Programs

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) - Credit card debt relief has been proving itself to be extremely useful to both consumers and businesses during this difficult economic period. Through credit card debt relief, billions of dollars in saving has been realized over the years.

Consumer advocate Total Debt Relief explains the various credit card debt relief options available to consumers and businesses today.

Debt Consolidation -- This is one of the oldest and most widely known programs under the credit card debt relief umbrella of programs. This program involves the consolidating of multiple existing monthly loan payments into a single monthly loan payment. Debt consolidation achieves lower payments through lower interest rates, a fixed interest rate, or the waiving of fees and penalties associated with past due accounts.

Consumer Credit Counseling -- This also is one of the oldest and most widely known credit card debt relief programs in existence today. With this program, expert and certified credit counselors carefully examine a consumer's personal finances in order to determine strengths and weaknesses, and using this information map out a credit card debt exit strategy. This program may involve simple yet effective budgeting and the renegotiating of payment terms with creditors.

Debt Settlement -- This is one of the newest credit card debt relief programs available today. Quickly establishing itself as a sort of go-to program for credit card debts large and small, debt settlement is capable of achieving spectacular debt reduction and debt elimination. This program differs considerably from debt consolidation. Here's how:

Debt settlement works by arbitration/negotiation between a debt settlement firm working on behalf of the consumer or business in debt with their creditors. The aim and goal of these aggressive negotiations is an agreed upon reduction in the amount of credit card debt that is owed. In many cases, debt settlement is able to achieve debt elimination of 50 percent of greater.

Bankruptcy -- This is the debt relief program of last choice. Being an extremely serious legal procedure, bankruptcy should never be taken lightly, for it has long-lasting consequences.

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