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March 08, 2010 14:52 ET

Credit Card Debt Relief Self-Help Tips Offered by Total Debt Relief

When It Comes to Credit Card Debt, Relief Options Are Available to Consumers, Many of Which Can Be Started Without the Aid of Professional Assistance

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - March 8, 2010) -  Consumers these days are taking a more pro-active stance when dealing with credit card debt. No longer content to let the chips fall where they may, many have discovered that there are a great many strategies that can be implemented either on their own or with the aid of professional financial help.

One of the most obvious, yet overlooked credit card debt relief strategies is to simply reduce or stop using one's credit cards for unnecessary purchases. If consumers stick to only spending, shopping and paying bills with the cash they have on hand or in their bank accounts, the growth of credit card debt can be stopped in its tracks.

Another self-help option which consumers have the power to put in motion is the consolidation of credit card debt into a single card or transferring the balance of a higher interest rate card to a card with a lower interest rate. The time and effort of constantly moving and transferring balances to lower interest rate cards is well worth it.

Another credit card debt relief strategy is to begin making double what the minimum payment required is. As consumers across the nation are now finding out through new full disclosure laws, paying only the minimum amount on one's credit cards can result in it taking literally decades to pay off even relatively smaller amount of credit card debt. Making double the minimum payment will allow a consumer to pay off their credit card debt and become debt free quicker.

When it comes to professional debt relief programs and services available today, Debt Settlement is one of the quickest and most effective. Here's how it works: A debt settlement firm negotiates on behalf of the consumer in debt with their creditors in order to obtain a reduction in the amount of debt that is owed. In most cases, debt settlement can achieve debt elimination of 50 percent or more. This is debt that is forgiven and never needs to be repaid.

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