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August 06, 2014 08:00 ET

CreditCardChaser's Guide to Getting a Concierge Service

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 6, 2014) - Today's consumers are sophisticated and know that there are a lot of helpful services that can make their lives easier. The problem is, finding them and getting them all organized can use up as much time as they save. That's where a good credit card concierge service comes in.

In the past, a credit card was a valuable commodity for its ability to allow a user to make purchases with advance payments when they didn't have the money available, or just give them the advantage and safety of not having to carry wads of cash on them everywhere. There's a lot more to credit cards now. has developed this comprehensive overview of one of the special concierge services available that make your credit card an even more powerful purchasing tool and time saver.

What a Credit Card Concierge Service Can Do For You

When you are looking for a specific item, service or event, a credit concierge service can find the best quality and value for your needs. American Express pioneered the concept of a credit card concierge to help elite members get the best of the best services at a moment's notice. However, over time, more and more credit card companies recognized the value of this option and now use it to bring in new consumers to their programs.

If your credit card company offers a concierge service, they will bend over backwards to help you get what you want. After all, if they meet your desires you are likely to make a purchase and that helps them too. There's more to a concierge service than just finding a good restaurant, hotel or car service. They can find plays, concerts and even suggest craft projects the whole family can enjoy.

Helping Out When You Need Information

Credit card concierge services are not just about finding things for you to purchase. They will help you out with information as well. If you are traveling and need information about local hot spots, in a foreign country and need language assistance.

What A Credit Card Concierge Can't Do

Your credit card information is always secure, and no one in the concierge service assistance program can access your private information including card numbers or personal information. They cannot actually make payments or purchases for you. They will find you what you need and then you make the decision on whether or not to buy an item or service. You must complete the purchase on your own with the company involved.

There are a lot of things a concierge service can find out for you, but there are limits to their abilities. They cannot access any government or private information not readily available to the public. They cannot provide discounts that aren't normally provided by an establishment or get you booked into a hotel or event that is sold out.

As nice as it would be, a concierge service from your credit card company cannot do your homework or complete a work assignment. They are not a personal assistant and do not run errands or make calls on your behalf. There are some things they can help with, however. Even though a credit card concierge can't plan a wedding, they can find a good wedding planner and give you the information to get in touch with them.

Is a Credit Card Concierge Service Worth the Fee?

There are fees associated with a concierge service. While these fees vary from one credit card company to another, they are usually reasonable. For a real value, look for a credit card that offers concierge service as a part of a preferred package service.

It is true that just about anything a credit card concierge service can do, you could do yourself, however the key is to save time and eliminate the extra hassle from your already busy life. That in itself is worth its weight in go, or at least in credit card fees. If you would like more information on credit card concierge services and where to find the best credit card offers visit

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