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September 16, 2014 14:10 ET

CreditCardChaser's Top Calculators for Finding the Best Credit Card

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2014) - With the explosion in credit card usage and special offers in the last ten to fifteen years, it has become much more important that customers educate themselves about the cards they use, what those cards cost, and how those costs can be managed. is a site for credit card customers who are interested in comparing offers and evaluating the costs of some common features made by card issuers. In addition to an elaborate comparison engine, the site offers a number of calculator tools which allow customers to analyze complex scenarios by simply entering their data. Here are some of the top calculators to help consumers find the best credit card for them:

The Cash Back Calculator

The most popular credit card offers nearly always include some kind of cash back feature. Cash back provides customers with a permanent discount on everything they buy, provided those purchases match the issuer's allowed categories. Some card issuers make their offer universal, meaning that any purchase made with their card is subject to a discount of a certain percentage. gives their visitors a way to know ahead of time how much of a return their cash back offer will provide. After entering their categorized expenses, the calculator will display the monthly, annual and long-term returns from the cards offered on the page and their cash back features.

The monthly budgeting potential for a tool like this is considerable, especially if data from multiple cards can be collected.

The Balance Transfer Calculator

The Cash Back calculator is a very straightforward tool for a relatively simple card feature. When transferring a balance from one card to another, the variables become more complex and require a different kind of analysis. Credit card customers often evaluate balance transfer features before applying for a new card. This is the central reason the Balance Transfer Calculator is so useful.

Information can be entered for both the card with the old balance and the card to which the old balance is being transferred. The new card's information can include such variables as Introductory Rate, Annual Fee and Balance Transfer Fee. Once the information is entered, the calculator shows the total savings during the introductory period and monthly savings thereafter.

By combining data from this calculator and the Cash Back calculator, a new card applicant could produce a composite savings for a card with a cash back offer used as the destination for a balance transfer.

The Payment Calculator

This is the most versatile tool of the three. It applies to any card with a revolving credit line and a monthly payment. By entering the card balance, the number of months to pay off that balance and the interest rate, a customer can see the monthly payment, the total amount of interest paid over the loan term and the total amount to pay off the balance.

A tool that provides a customer with the total cost of a purchase made with a credit card is valuable indeed. Too often it is easy to forget a purchase price is considerably higher if only minimum payments are made. What the Payment Calculator shows a customer is what a number of common purchases would cost using a particular term and interest rate. The results are sobering.

Perhaps customers would think twice about making large purchases if they knew the true scope of the interest charges and how much they add to the overall purchase price?


Information is key when evaluating financial decisions. What offers its visitors and potential customers is the kind of data that would otherwise be cumbersome and confusing to assemble. Frequent use of these kinds of calculators can only lead to a better informed customer who is aware of all their options.

These credit card calculator tools also make customers aware of the real costs involved in borrowing money to make purchases. Revolving interest accounts are often inscrutable to the average borrower. When complex options like minimum purchase fees, interest credits and activity fees are thrown in, they can become baffling even to experienced individuals.'s calculator tools are a fine source of the kind of information every informed customer needs.

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