October 07, 2009 17:05 ET

Cross Telecom Forms Alliance With Datalink

New Relationship Aligns Unique, World-Class Service and Offerings

BLOOMINGTON, MN--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - Cross Telecom, Inc. today announced it has entered into an alliance with Chanhassen-based Datalink. This alliance will integrate Cross' Network Solutions practice with Datalink's industry-leading data center and storage solution capabilities.

As a Cisco Certified partner, Datalink's network solutions will be combined with Cross' advanced business communication solutions, to provide co-delivery of industry unique, end-to-end solution offerings. These offerings will utilize the experience and leadership in communication, server, storage and networking technologies of both partners.

"The reason why this is such a perfect opportunity for Datalink and Cross is that we are very similar in size, philosophy, culture and share a passion for changing our customers' conversations," stated Bob Coughlin, President and CEO of Cross. "When we go to market as a unified team with our combined solutions sets, there will be opportunities for cross selling and using each of our company's strengths to provide competencies our competitors don't have."

As Vice President of Customer Services, Wade Hoffman held responsibility for the network solutions practice at Cross. He now takes his team to Datalink, where they will continue their leadership role in converged network solutions for communication solutions, as well as Datalink's data center and storage infrastructure offerings.

"Now Cross has an alliance with a close partner that provides customers with a single source and point of contact for complex application and systems needs," says Hoffman. "Those solutions, such as messaging, voice recording or work-force management, drive large demand for data storage, servers and networking technologies. With this alliance, Cross can now address customer needs regarding better server and storage strategies, new virtualization technologies and networking those elements together. It represents true data center convergence."

"The data side is still plumbing, our core expertise is the integration," says David Lover, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at Cross. "If somebody else can invest in this faster than we can then why not partner with them? This provides an area of expertise we didn't have and desperately need. We need to think differently these days about enterprise applications. This is not new architecture for a PBX. This is a new day."

Lover also says that embracing the idea of strategic partnerships is not only for the sake of Cross' customers, but for their customers' customers, giving them access to features and applications that can change the way they do business.

"A lot of people don't care what we do for a living, they just want us to improve their end user experience, make life easier," Lover stated. "To deliver those full solutions we have to have the right partners in place. Once that happens, you can create new things by combining products already in the marketplace. How does your communication flow today? Is there anything I can do to make it better? I never thought your peanut butter would go with my chocolate. There are lots of interesting new combinations being created."

"This is very strategic for both companies," continued Hoffman. "We have moved quickly to integrate the teams and to make sure the connections between the companies are solid. Datalink is focused on investing in this area and quickly changing the virtual data center landscape. Cross will benefit from that so it's a win-win."

"We are driving past dial tone and getting people to stop thinking of communications as a phone call," says Lover. "We still have that dial tone, that wonderful ability to get transported anywhere in the world in seconds, but it's more than that. It's also Facebook entries, and tweets and texts and emails and all kinds of things we haven't even thought about yet. That all takes data storage and virtualization and bandwidth and imagination and that's where we're going."


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