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SJ Namo, Inc.

December 13, 2011 12:40 ET

CrossEditor, New Enterprise Text Editor for Unstructured Online Data Entry

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) - SJ Namo, Inc., the market leader for B2C and B2B web editing solutions in Korea, is proud to introduce CrossEditor 2.0, a new JavaScript-based web editor. CrossEditor is a true WYSIWYG online text and HTML editor which enterprises and independent software vendors can integrate directly into their content solutions. Companies can use CrossEditor as part of their CRM, groupware, HR solutions, or anywhere that a user needs to enter or edit text on a web page. CrossEditor is currently being used by more than 4,000 global companies, with clients including companies like Samsung and LG.

Two main factors make CrossEditor so effective as an enterprise solution for online editing: superior functionality and low management costs.

A prime example of CrossEditor's superior functionality is its compatibility with Microsoft Office programs. When a user copies the contents of a Word or Excel document into CrossEditor, it preserves the font, style, format, tables and other document information which is often altered or corrupted by competing editors.

This compatibility allows human resources and customer support departments to do their jobs more efficiently. For example, when the human resources department of a company wishes to hire an individual, the individual can simply copy his/her resume, paste into CrossEditor and submit it. No adjustments or reformatting are required. Every detail which the applicant had prepared will be displayed exactly as intended. In the case of customer support, many websites ask their users to explain their problems using text only, which can create problems for the user and the customer support department. With CrossEditor, users can add images, tables, and error messages to explain their problems, and customer support can minimize any misunderstanding of the problem.

CrossEditor has the benefit of low management costs. There is no need for multiple versions of the software; one version will support all devices. CrossEditor is independent of operating systems and browsers. Content created on one computer will appear exactly the same on different computers. Content created in Internet Explorer on a PC will appear exactly the same in Safari on a Mac. CrossEditor also works on mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad. In addition, CrossEditor provides an open API, keywords, plug-ins and skins for easy installation and customization.

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