January 08, 2015 12:00 ET

Crossy Road Blockbuster Launches for Free on Google Play

Yodo1 Brings Hipster Whale's Traffic-Dodging "Endless Hopper" Phenomenon to Android Devices Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BEIJING, CHINA--(Marketwired - Jan 8, 2015) - Yodo1, Beijing-based mobile game publisher, proudly announced the release of Crossy Road, the blockbuster hit from Hipster Whale, on Google Play. The iOS version of the whimsical "endless hopper" has ranked among Apple's top ten games since its November 20 release, and has been widely acclaimed by game reviewers for its intuitive gameplay, retro graphics, and quirky humor. Now, users of Google Play (the world's largest Android app store) can finally join in on the fast-paced, traffic-dodging, splat-tastic fun -- and exclusive to Google Play, also unlock the beloved Android mascot as a playable character. (Click here to download the game on Google Play.)

"Our tiny studio has been working with Yodo1's massive publishing team on the Google Play version of Crossy Road pretty much from the moment we started developing the game," said Matt Hall of Hipster Whale. "It's great to finally see our game in that app store, where it can be enjoyed by tens of millions more players around the world."

In Crossy Road, players have to hop their character through lanes of busy traffic, past high-speed trains, across rushing rivers on top lily pads and logs, with every badly timed bounce threatening to end the game with a splat. (Players must keep quickly moving forward, lest a watchful eagle pick them off.) Along the way, players can also collect game coins, which they can then use to win a new, playable character through the game's gacha prize machine. Crossy Road's playable characters include not just frogs, rabbits, and (of course) chickens, but an exploding robot, a "Pew Die Pug", a magic-wielding wizard, and a celebrity whose purse spews money every time she gets splatted. (Screenshots and YouTube video below.)

"Hipster Whale has created the kind of casual, single-player mobile game we're known to publish: beautifully made, universally appealing, constantly re-playable," said Yodo1 founder and CEO Henry Fong.

Crossy Road for Google Play details:

Crossy Road™ is the endless arcade hopper you'll never want to put down.

  • Exclusive to Android, unlock the beloved Android mascot as a playable character. Collect lollipops, doughnuts, and cupcakes evoking legacy Android operating systems
  • Over 50 playable characters in all (many with special abilities) with many more on the way
  • Optional in-app payments to unlock special characters
  • Playable in both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Localized into 12 languages

Crossy Road for Google Play Press Materials

About Hipster Whale
Founded in 2014 and based in Australia, Hipster Whale is led by Matt Hall and Andy Sum. Crossy Road was co-developed remotely by Matt and Andy who met in 2013 at a game developer conference. This is the duo's first mobile game together. The "endless hopper" for iOS and Android was a 2014 Game of the Year finalist in the Australian Game Developer Awards, and has been played by millions since its November '14 launch. Learn more about Hipster Whale's unique story at

About Yodo1
Yodo1 is a leading publishing platform which helps mobile game developers gain traction and monetize globally and in China, where it's among the top 5 mobile game publishers to the Chinese market. With hundreds of experienced engineers, creative artists, game designers, and global market experts in multiple offices, Yodo1 has co-developed dozens of hit games with top partners including ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope 2), Defiant Development (Ski Safari), and Hipster Whale (current chart-topper Crossy Road). Lead executives include veterans of top technology/entertainment companies like Sony Pictures and Disney Pictures, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Popcap, Sony, Namco, and Microsoft. Yodo1 is based in Beijing with a presence in San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Nanjing. For more information, please visit and follow Yodo1 on Twitter at

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