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Tokutek, Inc.

November 19, 2013 09:00 ET

Crowdtap Deploys on Tokutek's TokuMX™ High Performance MongoDB Distro

Tokutek Enterprise Support Delivers Seamless Transition and Near-Zero Downtime

LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - Tokutek, delivering database performance at scale, today announced that Crowdtap has migrated its data store from MongoDB to Tokutek's TokuMX™ Enterprise Edition to accommodate its explosive growth. To ensure a seamless transition, Crowdtap, a social influence marketing platform that makes it easy for marketers to collaborate with and inspire consumers to create authentic content, generate unmatched social activity and provide valuable insights, turned to Tokutek for enterprise-class support and made the switch with 5 minutes of downtime.

The Crowdtap social influence marketing platform manages more than 80 million documents that include information on all its customers' clients as well as their ongoing feedback. The constant stream of incoming data combined with the research analytics running across the data quickly led to bottlenecks. Cost was a major concern, but Crowdtap also needed to ensure minimal disruption since the platform must remain up and running 7x24. Crowdtap considered re-architecting its platform, adding new servers, and TokuMX. TokuMX met all of their operating needs, and the Tokutek Subscription ensured that the transition wouldn't disrupt customer services.

"The support from the Tokutek engineering support team is priceless. They made sure that there was minimal migration downtime -- a little more than 5 minutes -- so that the changeover was as transparent to our customers as possible," said Michael D'Auria, Crowdtap. "Tokutek support is the definition of responsiveness."

Migrating to TokuMX removed the cost and aggravation of sharding, which would have required at least an additional three servers, and significant downtime. Tokutek also made it easy for Crowdtap to download open source TokuMX and set up a test environment where they could run a full day's worth of activity without making any code changes. The results were compelling:

  • Improved Performance - Because it features document-level locking vs. MongoDB's collection-level locking, TokuMX was 20% -25% faster right out of the box with no special tuning.
  • Higher Compression - TokuMX delivered 40%-60% compression, eliminating the need to invest in additional SSD drives.

TokuMX Enterprise Edition for MongoDB is an ideal choice for complex high-volume applications that require fast response time and that must simultaneously store and query large volumes of rapidly arriving data. These include social networking applications, online marketing, cloud enablement platforms, machine data and logfile processing, and e-commerce personalization.

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