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April 27, 2012 05:00 ET

Crown Dynamics' AIR® Product Line Pass Testing

Products Are Now Cleared for Worldwide Launch

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Apr 27, 2012) - Crown Dynamics Corp., (OTCBB: CDYY) today announces that all AIR products from the company's AirWare Laboratories business unit have passed cytotoxicity testing. The products manufactured and sold by the AirWare Labs division: AIR® Sleep/Snore, AIR® Decongest were approved in the previous quarter. AIR® Allergy with 3M filtration media, AIR® Travel with 3M Filtration Media, AIR® Headache, AIR® Nausea, AIR® Sport and AIR® Breathe have all received exemplarily reports from Pacific BioLabs.

A cytotoxicity test determines whether a product or compound will have any toxic effect due to leachables on living cells. Companies that manufacture medical devices are required to conduct these tests before taking a product to market to help better protect consumers.

"We have always believed in creating solutions and products with the utmost concern for the safety and well-being of our consumers," says David Dolezal, President of AirWare Labs. "It isn't enough to create products that simply get a passing score. We strive to create outstanding products that exceed the standards allowed by regulation and utilize smart design principles."

Cytotoxicity testing is routinely used as a screening tool for raw materials or component products before they are put into the design of a medical device. AIR® products were tested post-production of the AIR® device with and without 3M Filtration Media and with and without infused essential oils.

With 9 of every 10 individuals breathing improperly, the potential consumer market size for AIR® products is quite extensive. AIR® products deliver ailment alleviation by means of enhanced nasal breathing which increases airflow allowing for more oxygen to enter the body and more exhaled waste to exit the body.

The Essentials line of AIR® Products are further enhanced through the addition of essential oils. Unlike other companies jumping on the bandwagon, using Essential Oils in their products, due to their proven efficacy for treating a wide variety of common ailments, the Crown Dynamics and AirWare Labs teams have painstakingly taken additional measures to maintain both the efficacy and purity of oils used in AIR® products. This longer path includes combining the therapeutic essential oils with the products via an infusion chamber after the device has been manufactured, rather than prior to manufacturing. This unique process allows the microscopic oil molecules to gravitate to the device, ensuring the oils do not rise above their unique flash points and become ineffective. The end result is a product that doesn't just smell good -- it works.

About Crown Dynamics Corporation
Crown Dynamics provides innovative technology solutions and consumer product offerings that promote better health and enhances the wellbeing of people. Crown Dynamics products and services such as AIR® by AirWare Labs provide consumers around the world with safe and effective methods to control their own personal environment. AIR® filter products contain 3M filters for allergy sufferers and for mass-transit users. Other AIR® products help with congestion, insomnia, headaches, nausea and snoring. Crown's Pomcom and Watchtower technology provide point-of-care protection at home or in an assisted living environment. This breakthrough technology is designed to enhance the personal safety of seniors and people with special needs, allowing them to live fuller, more independent lives. With over 78 million aging baby boomers with significant spending power, the demand for senior-related products will ensure ongoing and increasing revenue streams.

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