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April 04, 2012 05:00 ET

Crown Dynamics Corp Elaborates on the Shareholder Value Obtained With Acquisition of Airware Holdings

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Apr 4, 2012) - Crown Dynamics Corp. (OTCBB: CDYY) today elaborates on the shareholder value obtained through its recent acquisition of Airware Holdings.

Crown Dynamics is strategically poised to lead the health and wellness sector during a period of tremendous growth and expansion. Although breathing is the most basic of human functions, the expansive health benefits associated with improved breathing have thus far been greatly overlooked. The acquisition of Airware Holdings and their line of AIR® products provides answers to these market needs. Not only does AIR® dramatically improve airflow, its innovative, cutting-edge design has virtually no competition.

Jeffrey Rassas, President of Crown Dynamics Corp., says, "Crown is positioning itself to become an industry leader in health care technology and a substantial wholesale provider of consumer health care products worldwide." Jeffrey continues to say, "We will continue to develop new innovative products and we will look for target acquisitions as we did with Airware, in an effort to meet the demand of providing solutions to meet consumer demand."

Despite the general economic downturn, consumers continue to demonstrate their interest in and demand for natural ways to improve their health. As such, with an entire line of AIR® products now ready to launch, Crown sees a great business opportunity to pursue such business based on vendor demand and the following facts and the associated AIR® solution:

  • Americans currently spend over $34 billion annually on alternative medicine
  • 25% of the population suffers from allergies, spending $5.6 billion annually for medications that treat rather than prevent allergens from entering the system (AIR® *Allergy)
  • $4 billion spent annually for OTC cough/cold medicines, many of which have unpleasant side effects (AIR® *Decongest)
  • Sleep deprivation is a serious and rampant problem, demonstrated by the expected annual sales of OTC sleep aids reaching or exceeding $759 million annually by 2013. People who sleep less than 6 hours per night have a 70% higher mortality rate than those sleeping 7-8 hours (AIR® Breathe, AIR® *Sleep/Snore)
  • 45% of the population snores, creating a demand for an effective solution to this widespread problem (AIR® Breathe, AIR® *Sleep/Snore)
  • The sale of sport's related supplements is rapidly on the rise, growing 22% in 2011, and expected to reach $3.6 million this year (AIR® *Sport)
  • The sale of nasal strips exceeded $100 million in 2011, though strips are less effective and not remotely discreet (AIR® Breathe)
  • Recent marketing efforts to promote nasal strips as a lifestyle choice to improve breathing, sleep and overall well-being indicate a need for this type of product for mainstream consumers (AIR® Breathe)
  • 1.9 billion airline trips are taken every year, and airplane cabin air is thought to be a notoriously unhealthy breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. At this time, the only available solution is an uncomfortable, unsightly facemask. The 2003 SARS outbreak demonstrated widespread exposure as far as 7 rows away from an infected individual (AIR® *Travel)

* product soon to be available

About Crown Dynamics Corporation

Crown Dynamics provides innovative technology solutions and consumer product offerings that promote better health and enhances the wellbeing of people. Crown Dynamics products and services such as AIR® by Airware Labs provide consumers around the world with safe and effective methods to control their own personal environment. AIR® filter products contain 3M filters for allergy sufferers and for mass-transit users. Other AIR® products help with congestion, insomnia, headaches, nausea and snoring. Crown's Pomcom and Watchtower technology provide point-of-care protection at home or in an assisted living environment. This breakthrough technology is designed to enhance the personal safety of seniors and people with special needs, allowing them to live fuller, more independent lives. With over 78 million aging baby boomers with significant spending power, the demand for senior-related products will ensure ongoing and increasing revenue streams.

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