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December 19, 2012 12:59 ET

Crown Marketing Announces Smart Drug Delivery Revolution Has Arrived

CHAPEL HILL, NC--(Marketwire - Dec 19, 2012) -  Crown Marketing (OTCQB: CWNM) is pleased to announce that its Controlled Drug Delivery Technology (CDDT) has the potential to revolutionize the manner in which we take oral medication. 

Crown's CDDT is a novel controlled-release technology that harnesses the principles of diffusion through precise mathematical formulas.

Crown believes the spectrum and reliability of pharmacokinetic profiles achievable with this technology is superior to currently marketed devices and formulations. Crown's simple design allows for a high level of flexibility in matching chronotherapeutic requirements. Cost-efficiencies in the commercial manufacturing process, when compared to other drug delivery technologies, may constitute its most important competitive advantage.

Traditionally, oral medications are swallowed and dissolve in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Although great strides have been made in the controlled drug delivery market, Crown believes their novel, patented technology is superior in its ability to mathematically program the rate of diffusion and to deliver compounds within a therapeutic range over a longer period of time.

The objective of intelligent drug delivery design amounts to maximizing the percent of the time drug plasma levels are within the therapeutic range and avoiding patient exposure to potentially toxic (High) or sub-therapeutic (Low) levels. 

Controlled and targeted drug delivery is a truly transformational development. Today, most of the medicine we take may not reach their intended targets. They can be destroyed or linger in the body with unwanted side effects. Some of these molecules are extremely toxic, especially in the case with medicines that target cancers.

In effect, traditional drug delivery is like carpet-bombing. We can destroy targets, but there is often enormous collateral damage. The smart drug delivery revolution is the equivalent of GPS-guided smart bombs that target biological terrorists with pinpoint accuracy.

This precision has many benefits. It prevents a huge amount of waste that is expensive, both in monetary and health terms. Moreover, it increases the effectiveness of many pharmaceuticals by putting more of a drug where it is needed.

Crown's believes that its cost-effective application of controlled delivery technologies will play a major role in the expansion of the pharmaceutical, OTC and nutraceuticals industry through our ability to improve on the performance of sustained release products in a manner tangible to manufacturers and consumers.

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