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December 21, 2015 11:00 ET

Crown World Mobility Unpacks Pros and Cons of Doing Business in Africa

The Renowned Mobility Solutions Provider Discusses How to Tap Into This Continent's Huge Growth Potential by Understanding Its Complexities

DANBURY, CT--(Marketwired - Dec 21, 2015) - Crown World Mobility (CWM) -- the world-renowned provider of domestic and international end-to-end workforce mobility solutions -- offers fresh insights and creative ideas for improving policy, program and approach to assignments into and within Africa in its latest issue of Perspectives. After surveying 20 organizations across several industries to get the pulse on their strategies, successes and challenges, CWM provides analysis that can be applied to global mobility programs and policies.

Some of its important findings include:

  • The top five challenges for sending assignees into Africa:
    • Security
    • Employee's willingness to accept the assignment
    • Employee's and family's ability to adjust to the local culture
    • High cost and suitability of expatriate housing
    • Managing expectations about host location with employees and families

  • Support strategies to address the challenges:
    • Providing a security briefing to assignees and their families prior to the start of the assignment
    • Requiring cross-cultural training for all employees
    • Selecting the right person for the job

"Successful assignments into Africa require advanced planning from the organization, so it is important that ... all parties (talent acquisition, HR, global mobility and the assignee) are involved in the pre-planning stages," says Ian Pettey, managing director, Africa, for Crown Worldwide, "Delays and other issues can quickly arise, so this ensures both the assignee and the business know what to expect."

When companies consider what it means to do business in Africa, the answer is often "it's complex." But Africa has huge growth potential, as long as you understand and address the inherent challenges.

For more information about Crown World Mobility and to learn more about the challenges and approaches of mobility into and within Africa, check out CWM's latest issue of Perspectives, which can be downloaded here.

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