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February 08, 2011 10:00 ET

CrownPeak Unveils Major Product & Platform Features for Both Developers & End-Users

Completion of 9-Month Long Re-Architecture and Phased Rollout of New Capabilities to Benefit Global Enterprise Customers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - CrownPeak (, the company defining the future of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Web Content Management (WCM), today announced the completion of a nine-month, phased rollout of significant improvements to the CrownPeak Web Content Management and Web Content Optimizer platforms.

From its first release in 2002, CrownPeak has been dedicated to R&D -- continuously innovating its flagship product to meet the needs of its clients. As a SaaS, these new features and capabilities are always available to existing customers without any pains of upgrade or migration. As a result, every CrownPeak client is using the same, latest version of the software.

"One of the biggest benefits to using CrownPeak is that I never worry about upgrading, or whether my CMS will be capable of meeting my web marketing strategies," said Vince Burton, Director of E-Business at Old National Bank, and CrownPeak client for 6 years. "I'm continuously impressed that CrownPeak rolls out new features and capabilities -- and helps me to make my web site more effective."

"The net effect of this nine-month rollout is an extremely powerful new set of capabilities," said Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak. "Over the last ten years, we've seen the needs of web marketing evolve. But, legacy web content management systems are so expensive and difficult to upgrade that even those who have kept up with R&D efforts aren't delivering the marketing teams with innovative capabilities."

CrownPeak customers and Forrester Research will be discussing this maturation of web content management needs in a Webinar on February 16th. Guests will be Stephen Powers, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Keith Cook, Global eBusiness Officer at ACE Group Insurance. 

Making the Entire CMS Available as a Web Service

As a pioneer in supporting new interoperability standards, CrownPeak is proud to announce that the CMS now completely supports the Open Data Protocol (OData) for access directly to the CrownPeak cloud-based content repository. In addition, every function of the CrownPeak CMS is available via REST API. This gives CrownPeak clients unprecedented ways to expose their web content to new channels or into other enterprise applications, using standard web protocols (HTTP, Atom and JSON). 

Also, CrownPeak introduces its completely rewritten C# API, which allows developers to build templates directly within Microsoft Visual Studio and in .Net 4.0. The entire CrownPeak API library is built into the Visual Studio integration with all API calls available through Intellisense -- providing developers with enhanced code Wizards, and the ability to debug template code directly from their desktop. As always, the Visual Studio plug-in is built right into CrownPeak's Desktop Connection, and developers can immediately save their work directly to the Cloud with no additional steps.

"These new capabilities make the entire content repository available in standard formats," said David Hudson, Senior Director, Product Management for CrownPeak. "But, unlike dealing with the complexity of accessing a database directly, structured content is now directly accessible. With new interfaces, such as Mobile, Social and integrations with Enterprise Tools becoming increasingly important, CrownPeak remains committed to giving our customers the easiest and most powerful tools by which to provide access to their content."

Integrating with Enterprise Collaboration Tools

CrownPeak has also launched its new Microsoft Sharepoint Connector to enable direct and tightly coupled integration with the popular document management and collaboration tool. CrownPeak clients that work in Microsoft Sharepoint can choose which assets will be available to the CrownPeak CMS and available for publishing to the web site. Additionally, CrownPeak can pull content from other external repositories -- either manually or automatically -- and then save them directly to the Sharepoint repository. These two solutions together create an easy and powerful way to share, manage and present enterprise content on the web.

Enabling Marketers with Powerful Content Targeting and Optimization Tools

In addition to integration and developer-friendly new capabilities, CrownPeak has also launched incredibly powerful content engagement tools for marketing professionals. CrownPeak's Web Content Optimizer tests and targets content against customer segmentation rules. New targeting options now enable marketers to target content based on visitor behavior on their web site.

These capabilities give the marketer the ability to target specific and more relevant messages based on direct, real-time action that a user may take. For example, a visitor that clicks on three targeted key links for a product may get a promotional discount to purchase that product.

The fully-integrated digital dashboard features a clean and simple interface, and CrownPeak's renowned ease of use. Using the powerful rules wizard, marketers create content targeting segments, and then view actionable analytics against those target segments. In short, marketers can now see how their conversion rates for known visitors compare to those of unknown visitors. They can then create extensive and complex content marketing campaigns, which are increasingly relevant to their visitors' needs. 

This data can be integrated into the management of content as well. Data coming from Web Content Optimizer can automatically affect content being published by the CMS. With the combination of CrownPeak CMS and WCO, customers can see where site visitors clicked and what they searched, and then use the CrownPeak CMS to modify their pages accordingly. Customers can also utilize CrownPeak's flexible workflow options and have the CMS automatically update the web site based on a metric they determine. For example, customers could automatically promote a new product once it receives 1,000-page views. They can also automatically show a list of the most "viewed" pages -- re-prioritized based on the device they are viewing it on.

"Creating more relevant experiences to the web site visitor is now core to online marketing," said Soumya Das, CrownPeak's Vice President of Marketing. "The web site and the applications supporting it are quickly becoming the marketing platform of record. Our goal is always to make it easier for our customers to manage their entire web site strategy."

All of these features are available immediately to CrownPeak customers. Because of CrownPeak's Cloud-based SaaS platform, there are no upgrade requirements or backwards compatibility challenges. More information about the capabilities can be found at CrownPeak's web site at


CrownPeak, the market leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Web Content Management and Optimization solutions, offers online marketers the easiest way to manage, target, publish, and analyze web content on their web sites, micro-sites, mobile media, or landing pages. CrownPeak's enterprise-grade SaaS operates on any web server or platform, and seamlessly integrates with other ECM systems.

Hundreds of organizations, such as Skype, Nissan, Alico, Defenders of Wildlife, EMI Music and the State of Virginia, have realized the value in CrownPeak's renowned ease-of-use, its 24x7 customer support, and guaranteed response times. CrownPeak has been named to EContent's 100 most influential companies list, has won eWeek's prestigious Analysts Choice Award and InfoWorld's Product of the Year Award, and has been named a finalist for Best Customer Service from the American Business "Stevie" Awards for the last three years.

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