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June 17, 2008 09:00 ET

CrownPeak Unveils New Product Features for Both Developers & End-Users

Support for Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft's Visual Studio and Eclipse Give Developers and Web Designers Powerful New Options

New Website Analytics Tool Provides a Singular Interface Into Web Site Traffic Analysis and Web Content Management

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - CrownPeak (, the market leader in on-demand web site software, today announced a major new feature release in CrownPeak CMS. CrownPeak makes this announcement in conjunction with our sponsorship and attendance at the 4th Annual Gilbane San Francisco Conference.

CrownPeak Developer Tool Support

With this release, a developer can choose his/her development tool of choice -- whether it be Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver or even text editors like TextPad -- and automatically connect to their CrownPeak CMS account over the internet. Once connected, Developers can work with their CrownPeak CMS templates in their familiar environment and automatically save the templates back to their CMS instance through a web services connection.

"This integration," said Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak, "is an important first step in enabling developers to work in the tools they like best. We're committed to making things easier and faster for our development partners and customers and to supporting Open Source options as well as the popular commercial tools."

A web site manager just needs to set the editor of choice as their default editor. Then, editing any template will automatically open the application and users can save their templates directly back into their CrownPeak account.

"Developers have favorite tools and methods for coding," said Carl Sutter, CTO of CrownPeak. "Our goal is to combine best-of-breed developer tools with the flexibility and power of the CrownPeak CMS development environment, so that developers can manage content templates using their development tools of choice."

File Management

CrownPeak has also added a new interface for easy upload of entire folders of files, or large files such as video or audio. A user can simply highlight an entire folder of images, documents or other files and upload them directly into their instance of the CMS -- without having to open up a web browser.

These new tools are available immediately through every customer's CMS interface.

CrownPeak Web Site Analytics

CrownPeak Web Site Analytics is built into the CrownPeak CMS as a fully integrated digital dashboard. With a clean and simple interface, and CrownPeak's renowned ease of use, the tool is built into every CrownPeak deployment for no additional cost. CrownPeak customers now have a choice of basic analytics as part of their CMS package, or complete integration with other industry-leading analytics packages such as WebTrends or Omniture, if they prefer.

Features of the new CrownPeak Web Site Analytics include all of the basic features that users have come to expect from any good web site analytics package. However, CrownPeak Web Site Analytics goes a step further, realizing that many web site managers with small and medium sized web sites need a deeper understanding of exactly who is visiting their web site. To meet these demands, CrownPeak Web Site Analytics features a number of more "personal" features.

--  A Live Watch: feature allows you to see, in real time, the traffic on
    your web site. Customers can even view the complete session history for any
    individual visitor of the site.
--  A Google Maps Mashup: shows web site managers exactly where visitors
    are located, and goes one step further by linking each visitor on the map
    to the activity report for that particular visit.
--  Web 2.0 Interfaces: Many of the reports on content, such as most
    popular organic search terms that lead people to the site, can be viewed as
    a Tag Cloud -- providing an instant view of the most popular organic search
    terms. Additionally, RSS Feeds are available for many of the reports -- so
    customers can subscribe to RSS Feeds of their favorite web analytics data
    without ever having to login to the CMS.

And of course, CrownPeak Web Site Analytics can be integrated into the management of content as well. Data coming from Web Site Analytics can automatically affect content being published by the CMS. With the combination of CrownPeak CMS and Analytics, customers can see where site visitors clicked and what they searched -- and then use the CrownPeak CMS to modify their pages accordingly. Or, customers can utilize CrownPeak's flexible workflow options and have the CMS automatically update the web site based on a metric they determine. For example, customers could automatically promote a landing page once it receives 1,000 page views. Or, they can automatically show a list of the most "viewed" pages.

"The web site visitor is core to online marketing, and content is core to the web site," said Rob Rose, CrownPeak's Vice President of Marketing and Strategy. "The Web Site and the applications supporting it are quickly becoming the marketing platform of record. Our goal is always to make it easier for our customers to manage their entire web site strategy. CrownPeak Web Site Analytics is an enhancement to the CMS that is a big step toward that goal."

CrownPeak's new Web Site Analytics is currently in beta and is available immediately at no cost to existing CrownPeak customers. More information about the capabilities can be found at CrownPeak's web site at

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