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April 10, 2006 16:42 ET

Cryobanks International Completes Full Spanish Translation of Their Comprehensive Website

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2006 -- Cryobanks International is pleased announced that they have completed a full Spanish translation of the company's highly praised informational website. The website was initially launched in mid October 2005 and is considered a fundamental component in educating the Hispanic population and increasing minority cord blood donations.

Cryobanks International is currently a world leader in cord blood collection, processing, and banking. The company is the only bank in the United States who accepts cord blood donations from anywhere in the Continental United States. Through the National Cord Blood Act passed in 2005, the federal government has appropriated $79 million to build a national cord blood bank targeting, in particular, ethnic minority donors. Cryobanks expects to receive a significant portion of these funds for its participation in building the national data bank. The company's Spanish enabled website will be key in informing potential Hispanic donors on how they can participate.

"The Hispanic community has been seeking a quality informational site dealing with cord blood, and we are thrilled to provide it. Concentrating our efforts in educating the Hispanic community about cord blood donations brings us one step closer in our mission to accommodate anyone in need of a life saving transplant," says Dwight Brunoehler, President & CEO of Cryobanks International.

According to the latest U.S. Census, 2000, Hispanics represented 12.5% of the population. Yet, in the National Bone Marrow Donor program, they represent only 7% of the donor pool. Unfortunately, this leaves the Hispanic community 37% underrepresented. Since these stem cell transplants typically originate from donors of similar ethnic backgrounds, this under representation of the Hispanic community represents a real life and death issue for those in need.

Cryobanks International's Spanish edition encompasses the entire website, which includes text, flash pieces and graphics, making the website 100% fully translated. Translating every component of a website aids in the navigation and clarity of the site from A to Z. "A bilingual site is essential to this company. In the end, we want to do anything we can to help serve people of all ethnic backgrounds, so that they may have the same opportunity as the Caucasian community to overcome diseases treatable with stem cell applications," says Brunoehler. Cryobanks International also offers a live chat option, where anyone can contact and communicate with Bilingual Client Service Representatives to answer questions and get more specific information.

About Cryobanks:

Cryobanks International, is a corporation located in Altamonte Springs, Fl., which is to be acquired by BioStem, Inc. (OTC: BTEM). The Company is a leader in the collection, processing, and banking of stem cells derived from the umbilical cord immediately after birth. The units of cord blood (CB) are processed and stored by the company for use in unrelated transplants (where the donor is a histocompatible match, but is anonymous and unrelated to the recipient) and for personal storage and use. In recent years, cord blood transplants (CBTs) have become widely recognized as a safe, effective, and in many ways preferable, alternative to bone marrow transplant (BMT). There is tremendous potential need for CBTs in the United States and worldwide. Cryobanks International is well poised to help meet that need, equipped with an inventory of nearly 9,000 cord blood units. For more information about Cryobanks International call 1-800-869-8608 or visit the website at

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