SOURCE: Cryobanks International, Inc.

February 20, 2007 16:51 ET

Cryobanks International, Inc. Only Cord Blood Bank Accepting Donated Cord Blood Units Nationwide Year Round

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 20, 2007 -- A number of states recently have announced legislative plans to address donation of umbilical cord blood. However, most do not have an in-state donation center or hospital to direct donations to. Since 1995 Cryobanks International, Inc. (CII) has been accepting and processing donated cord blood units from anywhere in the Continental United States. Fully accredited by the AABB and a member of the National Marrow Donor Program® Cord Blood Bank Network (NMDP), CII processes donated units following the highest standards in the industry. Units that qualify are listed on international registries so that anyone in need of a potential life-saving stem cell transplant may find an acceptable match.

CII works with the donor mother to manage the enrollment process providing qualified mothers with a proprietary collection kit to take with her to the hospital. CII then arranges for the return of the unit for processing following its strict guidelines and procedures. Finally the unit is added to the registry system. The donation process is free to the donating family, takes only a few minutes to perform by their physician, and is painless to both mother and baby.

CII is currently working on an urgent nationwide effort to increase the numbers of donated cord blood units from several ethnic groups. To address this immediate need CII is focusing on collecting cord blood units from the African American, Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic communities. This focused drive lasts through March 31st. Less than half of the cord blood units in the NMDP registry are from minority donors. Because tissue types are inherited, minority patients are more likely to match with units donated from a person of the same minority or ethnic background.

Anyone interested in helping educate mothers-to-be about donating their child's cord blood can contact CII at 800-869-8608 or visit If they are delivering before March 31st please contact the company immediately for more information.

About Cryobanks:

Cryobanks International, Inc. is a corporation located in Altamonte Springs, FL. The Company is a leader in the collection, processing, and banking of stem cells derived from the umbilical cord. Cryobanks established the first and only nationwide cord blood donation program. The stem cell rich units of cord blood (CB) are processed and stored using the company's proprietary processing methods and are stored for use in unrelated transplants (where the donor is a histocompatible match, but is anonymous and unrelated to the recipient). The company also provides personal storage programs. In recent years, cord blood transplants (CBTs) have become widely recognized as a safe, effective, and in many ways a preferable alternative to traditional bone marrow transplants (BMT). There is tremendous potential need for CBTs in the United States and worldwide. Cryobanks International is well poised to help meet that need, equipped with an inventory of nearly 9,000 donated cord blood units available for transplant to those in need worldwide. For more information about Cryobanks International call 1-800-869-8608 or visit the website at

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