June 26, 2012 03:10 ET

CSD - Physicians in Emerging Markets More Open to Using Social Networking Sites Compared to Their European Counterparts

French Physicians Lag Behind

PARIS--(Marketwire - Jun 26, 2012) -  CSD - Cegedim Strategic Data, leading provider of healthcare market research and worldwide promotional audits, has released the results if its online study comparing the levels of professional use of mainstream social media and online medical communities, among healthcare professionals.

The study of 6,700 physicians conducted between February and April 2012, covered France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, the USA, Japan and the BRIC countries. Survey results include physicians from a range of specialties and general practice.

The Internet is an important source of information for healthcare professionals in emerging and established markets. However, the study results show that physicians in Europe, particularly in Italy and France, are by far the most conservative when it comes to using public social media sites, medical community sites or the Internet for professional networking, compared to physicians in the emerging markets.

Internet for Professional Networking

Use of the Internet for professional networking is particularly important in India (65%) and Brazil (56%). Despite a well developed internet infrastructure, physicians in Italy and France have not embraced the Internet to the same extent as their peers in emerging countries and therefore, lag behind in the ranking.

Dedicated Medical Community Sites

Japanese physicians rank first for their use of online medical communities (78%), this in contrast to their lower rankings for the use of the Internet for professional purposes and social media. The next top spots are held by emerging countries. Even dedicated medical community sites have not been adopted extensively by physicians in Italy and France.

Public Social Media

India leads all surveyed countries in terms of physician use of mainstream public social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for professional purposes (58%). This is followed by the other main emerging countries. Once more, Italy and France hold the last two positions of the 11 countries surveyed.

Facebook is the most commonly used of the main social media sites across most countries - exceptions being in China and Russia where platforms of local origin are used more. Among physicians who use public social networking sites, those in Russia were the most likely to use these to contact sales reps - as high as 45% among the sites mentioned.

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