CST Trust Company

CST Trust Company

May 28, 2015 16:30 ET

CST Trust Company Introduces New Shareholder Contact Management Platform

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 28, 2015) - CST Trust Company's (CST) U.S. affiliate, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST), announced today the launch of an innovative shareholder contact management platform to be utilized by clients across North America - called ASTDrive.

ASTDrive will provide a multi-purpose shareholder contact management platform for public companies in North America including, but not limited to, investor relations programs and proxy campaigns. Issuers accessing this functionality can further enhance their investor outreach and proxy programs, as well as their corporate communications.

ASTDrive provides coverage of over 8,000 public companies, 4,000 advisor portfolios and more than 160,000 institutional contacts. ASTDrive is the only complete contact management platform in North America that bridges Investor Relations and Corporate Proxy. CST is proud to partner with NovaShare to bring ASTDrive to the Canadian market.

"Powered by the NovaShare IRM platform, ASTDrive offers a superior shareholder contact management solution for public companies and advisors. This tool was built specifically to handle the challenge issuer's face in communicating with a large demographic of investors," says CST's President and CEO, Laurel Savoy. "The platform will assist companies in developing measureable investor relations programs, as well as supporting proxy efforts and delivering real-time data to the company management and boards."

CEO of NovaShare, Tyson Rose stated, "It was important for NovaShare to work with a partner that shared the same long-term vision and purpose. I firmly believe that ASTDrive can provide the quality data analytics corporate clients have been looking for and we are excited to launch this platform together."

About CST

Headquartered in Canada, with offices across the country, CST Trust Company (CST) provides issuers global solutions through local access points. CST and its affiliate, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company (AST), provide comprehensive stock transfer and employee plan services to more than 8,000 public issues and over five million shareholders. Together, CST and AST serve clients located throughout North America that range in size from initial public offerings to Fortune 100 companies. The organization provides fully-integrated services to financial market participants around the globe. CST Ownership Intelligence provides capital markets intelligence to issuers of public debt and equity to identify securityholders and trading patterns.

About NovaShare

NovaShare provides a suite of cloud-based shareholder communications and organizational management software for public and private companies. They provide comprehensive aggregated coverage of public company proxy filings and institutional investor disclosure information. The company supports over 10,000 North American public companies, 18,000 investment funds and 4,000 investment advisors globally.

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