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February 02, 2011 08:15 ET

CT Group Travel Partner Launches New 2011 Cultural Tours

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 2, 2011) - CT Group Travel partner Exclusive Journeys launch their new collection of 2011 cultural tours.

Exclusive Journeys arrange small group cultural tours to off the beaten track locations in various long haul destinations around the world. The trips are researched and compiled by Lesley Robin who also accompanies the trips personally.

Exclusive Journeys travel with Lesley tours provide an opportunity for cross-cultural exchanges, where tours take a behind the scenes route to discover how people live and work, focussing on the traditional way of life unique to each country. Tour group sizes range from approximately 10-18, with companions joining from different parts of the world.

Lesley first began operating specialist interest tours in the 1980's to India where she lived for 20 years. Her in-depth knowledge of eastern culture, Hinduism and Buddhism and her interest in the people, their culture and the rich textile heritage of the Indian sub-continent is a result of her extensive travels throughout the region.

Later Lesley's travels took her further afield culminating in her arranging special-interest tours for groups and organisations to countries as diverse as India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Mexico and South Africa. Her tours provide inspiring and carefree journeys around the world focusing on traditional village life, customs, culture, textiles and crafts.

New tours for 2011 (all organised by Exclusive Journeys travel with Lesley Robin)

  • Southern India, departing 17th February 2011, duration – 17 days
  • India: An Artist's Journey, departing 05th March 2011, duration – 18 days
  • China, departing 08th May 2011, duration – 17 days
  • Uzbekistan, departing 13th September 2011, duration – 18 days
  • Bhutan, departing 30th November 2011, duration – 17 days
  • Mexico, departing 13th January 2012, duration – 17 days

Through Exclusive Journeys' collaboration with CT Group Travel, all tours booked are protected through CT Group Travel's licensing and bonding, which means all tours operated by Exclusive Journeys are ATOL protected, giving their customers security and peace of mind that their monies are safe.

CT Group Travel have a number of partnerships with businesses such as Exclusive Journeys, whereby CT Group Travel provide licensing and bonding protection for smaller organisations to use rather than them having to become members of the organisations themselves, which can be very costly.

As the name suggests, CT Group Travel are specialists in providing travel management services for groups as well as providing event management and conference management services.

For more information concerning the services CT Group Travel provide such as conference organisers and corporate team building events please call +44 (0) 1892 673 427.

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