June 22, 2012 07:00 ET

CTEK Highlights The Importance Of Battery Protection All Year Round

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 22, 2012) - While the requirement for battery protection may be more apparent during the winter and summer months, leading 12V battery charger producer CTEK is advising vehicle owners to charge and protect their batteries all year to increase battery efficiency and life expectancy.

The summer and winter months are renowned for putting extra strain on batteries. During the winter months, cold temperatures are known to have an adverse effect on a battery's ability to perform, losing power as temperatures drop. This problem is further exacerbated by the greater power needed to run heaters and defrosters during these months. This could lead to a battery being unable to start a vehicle, leaving the owner stranded.

Likewise, during the summer months the hot weather could cause corrosion of batteries. Additionally, many car owners use a number of electrical devices in their cars, such as satnavs and portable DVD players, which cause additional strain on the battery and increase the likelihood of battery failure.

However, with regular battery maintenance throughout the year vehicle owners can not only reduce the likelihood of battery failure occurring, but the life of the battery can also be extended. Smart battery chargers such as those developed by CTEK use a unique eight-step approach to battery protection, helping to condition batteries to the optimum level, whatever the weather conditions.

Jan-Ulf Soderberg, head of brand and marketing at CTEK, commented: "At CTEK we understand the importance of caring for a vehicle's battery all year round. We are all aware of the potential ill-effects of not protecting a battery during the winter and summer months, but with regular treatment throughout the year the likelihood of problems occurring is greatly reduced."

Jan-Ulf continued: "For example, CTEK chargers will remove harmful lead-sulphate from a set of battery plates through a desulphation setting. This removes harmful lead-sulphate from batteries that could reduce the life-expectancy of a battery and increase the likelihood of battery failure. Through regular use of a CTEK device, battery protection is guaranteed while life-expectancy is also increased, saving the owner both time and money."

For more information, or to view the range of CTEK battery charging and protection products, please visit www.ctek.com.

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