October 21, 2010 07:01 ET

CTEK Launch Its Most Powerful Professional Charger

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 21, 2010) - CTEK, the leading worldwide innovator and supplier of lead acid battery chargers has launched the MULTI XTS 70, its first professional smart battery charger with the ability to fast and effectively charge both 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries.

As the most powerful battery charger CTEK has ever created, the Multi XTS 70 provides professional users with the ability to offer and swiftly undertake battery maintenance and charging services on even the most demanding of batteries.

The Multi XTS 70 is a fully automatic charger that features different displays showing the status of charging, charge voltage, current, charge time (h) and energy indication (Ah) for battery condition control and delivers selectable 70A/12V or 35A/24V to batteries.

To maximise the performance of lead-acid batteries the Multi XTS 70 determines accurate readings of a battery's charge and ensures the appropriate action is taken to increase its lifespan. Amongst traditional charging, its patented 8-step charging system removes any sulphur that that accumulated on the batteries plates through use and natural discharge and can even revive seemingly dead batteries with its patented Recond mode which corrects the acid stratification that occurs within deeply discharged batteries.

The advanced electronics of the Multi XTS 70 also ensures a very clean voltage and current guaranteeing no disturbance of ECU and other sensitive electrical systems and therefore, can also act as a secure and 'clean' power source during diagnostic and programming work - ideal for modern vehicles especially where huge amperage is required to maintain the condition and state of the battery.

With its patented charging process, the Smart charger ensures constant control over charge levels, is safe and simple to use, can be left attached to any battery indefinitely and can also act as a secure 12V or 24V power source when the battery is disconnected from the vehicle.

As with all CTEK battery chargers, its system maintains optimum charge levels to extend battery life and, most importantly, ensure that vehicles are able to start first time. With each product foolproof to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected, there is no need to regularly connect and disconnect batteries. The charger is IP 20 classified, housed in heavy-duty aluminium for rough environments.

The CTEK Multi XTS 70 requires no specialist knowledge for use and comes with a two year warranty.

For more information please visit www.ctek.com.

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