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August 21, 2012 08:00 ET

CTM Media Group Uses Scribe's Integration Solutions to Streamline Sales Processes

Media-Distribution Company Has 5 Databases With Different Versions of Products on Them; Now the Errors Have Disappeared and Writing Contracts Is a Breeze

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwire - Aug 21, 2012) - CTM Media Group needed for all its salespeople to get on the same page; Scribe Insight helped them resolve version control issues, streamline their staff, and automate contract-creation processes to make the sales cycle consistent.

As the market leader in brochure placement, CTM Media Group has sales teams and distribution points spread across the entire United States, and is also branching out into flashy new digital kiosks in malls or movie theaters that take advantage of the latest in mobile phone and QR code technology. This diversity needed to be organized, but it turned out that there were problems connecting the five separate Microsoft Great Plains databases into their new Salesforce CRM system.

Complicating the sales process was the fact that both administrative assistants and the sales staff were manually entering contracts directly into the GP accounting environment. CTM had to have a dedicated team to try to handle the repetitive, time-consuming task of copying the contractual details from one database into the other, and sadly, it was common for mistakes to enter into the process.

"It's normal for human error to creep in whenever you have people writing things down on paper or in Word documents, and then other people have to copy that down off the paper and into a computer system," says Barbara Mazur, manager of corporate support. "It wasn't just that we had five separate databases, because sometimes we would consolidate sectors, or break them down into smaller sectors. I had to have a person who would manually make all these changes in all these databases, and again, you always run into human errors.

"Sometimes things wouldn't get done on time, sometimes products that we no longer sell were still showing up. And it would take us forever to get the contracts into Salesforce, where the errors would finally show up."

At the same time that CTM started using Salesforce, they opted to implement Scribe to start solving some of their version-control problems (among other issues). Soon, the five individual databases were all linked into one single database, where the information is able to move back and forth. CTM Media Group is able to control the prices and availability of products by making one change in one database, solving the consistency problem right at the outset.

Moreover, the sales staff is now able to create their own contracts, and CTM Media Group no longer has to maintain an entire team of 5 administrative assistants for the sole purpose of cutting and pasting information out of contracts and into the GP accounting software. Now there is only one admin for the sales staff, and they get the contracts into Salesforce immediately, using Ecosign to do electronic signatures.

CTM Media Group was pleased by how easy it was to implement Scribe. They only needed an internal team of three people working with one technician from Logan Consulting (a longtime Scribe partner). This ease of implementation led CTM Media Group to recently decide to start backing up the entire Salesforce data, also by using Scribe. 

"That was the easiest implementation ever," says Mazur. "Every week, Scribe lets us back up all our CRM data out of Salesforce and keep it on our servers locally. All I had to do was exchange a couple of emails with one guy, and it was done. I'm really happy with the stability, support and ease I get with Scribe. It's as simple as that."

"We're hearing this more and more as our integration solutions mature and become even more easy to use," said Lou Guercia, CEO of Scribe. "Customers are benefiting immensely by integrating their CRM data with other key business applications. Our decision to focus on CRM integration is validated by each customer's success story."

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