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February 24, 2016 11:13 ET

Cubic Pharmaceuticals' Cubicole D3 Helps People Avoid Harmful Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

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BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - February 24, 2016) - Cubic Pharmaceuticals, a company dedicated to creating supplements and health products for people with a variety of health concerns, announced its Cubicole D3 supplement is now available for purchase on, a prevalent online health and wellness retailer.

More people than ever before are living primarily indoor lifestyles, mostly because of the kinds of work they do. Additionally, common misconceptions have led to many people believing all sun exposure is bad for the skin, which has led to an overuse of powerful sun blocks. As a result, many people are not getting the natural and essential vitamin D3 they need, which can lead to a variety of harmful health conditions.

"While long-term ultraviolet exposure certainly is damaging to the skin, there are many health benefits associated with a certain amount of exposure to the sun," said Saumil Bhatt, CEO of Cubic Pharmaceuticals. "These supplements help people who spend the majority of their day inside for work to avoid the harmful side effects associated with vitamin D3 deficiency. Now that they are available on, we can reach a much wider range of customers than ever before and combat the problem of vitamin D3 deficiency on a larger scale."

Vitamin D3 is the only vitamin the body can produce naturally from absorbing ultraviolet rays in sunlight. A lack of vitamin D3 could lead to health conditions like depression, back pain, various forms of cancer, macular degeneration (loss of eyesight and eye health), decreased immune system strength, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and a variety of other health conditioners. Vitamin D3 has also been linked to cognitive health and enhancement, as many tests have shown individuals who were D3-deficient scored poorly in cognitive function tests.

The body's ability to produce vitamin D3 naturally also begins to decline with age. Therefore, older people who spend a lot of time indoors are particularly susceptible to deficiencies.

"These supplements are useful for people of all ages and ensure everyone gets the appropriate amount of vitamin D3 in their systems," said Bhatt. "We are excited for the opportunity to help more people than ever before to resolve this common health problem that many people would otherwise be unaware of."

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