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November 28, 2011 07:00 ET

Cubic to Showcase Latest Training Technologies During I/ITSEC Conference in Orlando

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Nov 28, 2011) - Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) will present its latest innovations in live, virtual and constructive training technologies this week during the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC). Highlights will include a portable "immersive dome" 4-D training simulator, and a combat ID system employing a laser-equipped rifle scope and electronic tags that provides unprecedented capabilities on the training range or the battlefield.

"Cubic's continual quest for innovation and cutting-edge technology is evident in the new deployable training simulator," said Brad Feldmann, President of Cubic Defense Applications, Cubic's defense systems business. "And our solution for combat ID and enhanced situational awareness holds the promise of not only better training but also of dramatically reducing fratricide."

I/ITSEC, from Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 at the Orlando Convention Center, is the world's largest modeling, simulation and training conference. More than 500 companies from all over the world will exhibit this year.

"Innovation: The Key to Readiness" is the theme of Cubic's exhibit. It will focus on Cubic's leadership in innovation and systems integration in all domains, including live, virtual and constructive (LVC) integration; joint, combined and multinational training; immersive virtual training; and instrumented urban operations.

At the conference, Cubic will give live demonstrations of its new Immersive Training Environment (ITE), integrated with its Mission Rehearsal Planning System (MRPS). The simulator provides a 360-degree virtual training experience within a portable dome, applying advanced virtual, constructive and gaming technologies, replicating any terrain and preparing squads for most contingencies. MRPS features realistic simulation of real-world threats, tactics and techniques, and improves performance through mission rehearsal, course of action analysis, contingency planning and decision making.

The groundbreaking Dismounted Combat ID with Target Location & Navigation (DCID-TALON) system will be demonstrated as part of Cubic's "Imaginuity" program to foster constant innovation. DCID-TALON can instantly identify friendly forces and provide the distance and grid coordinates of a target with the push of a button. Cubic's Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems (MILES) can be incorporated into DCID-TALON for use on the training range as well as the battlefield.

Cubic's exhibit will also feature:

Virtual Training -- Cubic's Simulation Systems Division, a recognized leader of virtual small arms training with its Engagement Skills Trainer (EST 2000), will highlight its latest innovations in the immersive training and integration with live and constructive systems.

Air Combat Training -- Cubic will showcase its latest advancements with the fifth generation ACMI system -- P5 CTS/TCTS -- which sets the standard for interoperable, joint, multiservice and coalition training. Cubic and subcontractor DRS Defense Solutions are continuously adding new technology into the P5 airborne and ground-based subsystems to ensure aircrews are equipped with the most precise, accurate, and reliable systems available. At I/ITSEC, Cubic will promote its pilot project with the Air Force Research Laboratory to enhance training efficiency with integrated LVC simulation; its embedded training systems for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter; and applications of P5 in the test and training markets.

Engagement Simulation -- Cubic has recently won contracts to provide an Instrumentable Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES IWS) for the U.S. Army, and an advanced Instrumented-Tactical Engagement Simulation System (I-TESS II) for the U.S. Marine Corps. I-TESS, which will be on display at I/ITSEC, will provide a turnkey deployable training capability that includes an immersive training environment and replicates the stresses and threats of actual combat, including indoor and outdoor military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) training. Cubic will also highlight its wireless Tactical Vehicle System (TVS) system, which is in production for the Army, and applications of the system for combat vehicles.

Security Training Applications -- Cubic will promote its new business areas, Cubic Global Tracking Solutions and Cyber Technologies, and the product/software applications for the training industry. Cubic's global tracking products provide continuous tracking and monitoring of assets 24/7, including valuable military equipment and training systems, anywhere in the world. The system relies on mesh asset tags, which are attached to the assets and provide logistics intelligence, asset visibility, intrusion detection, and ongoing situational awareness. Cubic Cyber Technologies provide specialized cyber security products and solutions, including architecture design, cross-domain product development and deployment, and secure enterprise network architecture and engineering.

Cubic Corporation is the parent company of three major business segments: Defense Systems, Mission Support Services and Transportation Systems. Cubic Defense Systems is a leading provider of realistic combat training systems, cyber technologies, asset tracking solutions, and defense electronics. Mission Support Services is a leading provider of training, operations, maintenance, technical and other support services. Cubic Transportation Systems is the world's leading provider of automated fare collection systems and services for public transit authorities. For more information about Cubic, see the company's website at

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